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By Landlord Expert June 3, 2013 03:32

The tenent refused to use DPS and has made claims against me and I am not sure she has good cause.
She had a history of with holding and not paying rent and failing appointments to let essential workman into the house despite been given written notice. I am often out of the country doing charity work and the property is on a full management basis with an agent.
In June 10 I was notified of a drain problem but nothing specific, I asked agent to send a contractor round and report to me. He failed to do this, the next I heard was from the council saying sewage was seeping back into a hand basin and urgent repair needed. I instructed agent to deal with this immediatly and as a matter of urgency. He refused on the basis he had no money "in the pot" as tenent was not paying rent and as I was out of the country had no means of getting further cash to him. The council did the work after 72hrs and billed me.
In June 11 tenent reported rads not heating up and bolier leaking slightly, Gas cert was in place, engineer visited, rectified leak and bled the rads.
Aug further complaint rads not heating up, she was to sign a further ast, agreed to do so then was never available, failed to go into the agents office as planned, failed to return ast etc. Agent informed tenent only when she had signed ast could rads be looked at again. She signed, the engineer went round to assess, had problems getting in and had to make numerous visits, suggested putting chemicls in which he did emphasising the need to flush system after 3 weeks to stop debris from backing up to the boiler. He never managed to gain re entry to flush the system out.

Boiler serviced and gas cert in Nov11. Dec and Jan rent £250 short. When chased about this by the agent tenent alledged poor heating, boiler leaking and rads not heating up being the reason for her reduction in rent. This problem had not been reported before she was chased up for the rent. Another gas engineer via agent sent to inspect and assess boiler, gave option of repair, cost £600+ he worked on it, changed parts, bled system and all was well - for a week then same complaint and rent not being paid. Engineer changed other parts, bled system, all ok for a couple of weeks and same problem reported. Engineer back again, in the meantime I sent my own engineer as I felt this was going on too long. My engineer condemned the boiler stating back up of debris from rads likely caused the boiler to clog and over heat - agents engineer stated same thing most likely. New boiler installed although a delay of a few days as tenent paid her rent late. Now tenent is claiming her deposit back plus compensation for disrepair, not carrying out repairs in a timely fashion and compensation to her etc etc. Does she have a case against me. All advise most gratefully received

Landlord Expert
By Landlord Expert June 3, 2013 03:32

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