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  • User AvatarMr Sensible { This is all rather complicated. Why not just let the existing contract roll on a statutory periodic basis? In that way it can continue for... } – Oct 12, 9:10 AM
  • User AvatarMr Sensible { You have done well by not renewing then. This is now a statutory periodic tenancy which means you only have to give 2 months notice... } – Oct 12, 8:59 AM
  • User AvatarMr Sensible { Sam, This is clearly going pear shaped, and you need to bear in mind that as this girl is in receipt of benefits, she doesn't... } – Oct 12, 8:56 AM
  • User AvatarTLA Admin { If you can obtain finance, now is the perfect time to buy property. However, we predict that prices will experience another minor slump in 2010... } – Oct 09, 3:35 PM
  • User AvatarD Huntley { We dont need more regulation from the FSA we need more regulation so that there is a fair balance of control for landlord and tenant.... } – Oct 09, 3:19 PM
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