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Do we have to provide our tenants with a working TV aerial?

Questions & AnswersCategory: General QuestionsDo we have to provide our tenants with a working TV aerial?
Sandra Creaser asked 2 years ago

Recently our tenants became concerned about a leaning roof aerial in terms of their health and safety.  We inspected the issue and asked an engineer to have a look.  He advised us that the aerial that was present was just a radio aerial (no evidence of any TV aerial equipment) so there was nothing of any use to fix.  For the tenants safety we had it removed.  They now claim that their TV is not receiving signal and are demanding we provide a new TV aerial on roof (which never existed in the first place).  There is a sky dish which we have advised they could use without subscription but using a receiver box.  Assuming that we are within our rights to remove items of our own property and that we are not responsible to providing a service for entertainment enquipment where do we go from here?

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