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ground rent

Jo asked 3 years ago

I recently was paying my ground rent yaerly jan to dec then the managing agents were changed.  I then received letter asking for payment of ground rent from sept to march.  I wrote them saying I had aleady paid up to decemeber. They wrote back saying the managing agents were collecting the rent wrongly.  I wrote to them saying it was not my issue and that if they are starting collcting ground rent mid year then they will need  to refund the money I have paid upfront for the month sept oct nov and dec as i will be paying twice for sept oct nove and dec so my payments would tie up with their collection.   This has fallen on deafs ears.  To no avail as any attempt made to correct their error  they continue to send in request for payment of ground rent from sept to march  and I ignore it and send in my payment for the year jan to dec as they have not made any effort to resolve the issue.    And they keep addind arrears on the letter.  I do not owe them anything .  I have sent in proof to no avail.
CAN anyone advise on anyone had a similar issue.

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