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housing benefit clawback from landlord

Questions & AnswersCategory: General Questionshousing benefit clawback from landlord
Sound Service asked 3 months ago

I wonder if you could help me with a question regarding Housing Benefit and rent arrears and if not pass this on to someone who can. I work for a landlord who has received a letter from the local council "Agreement for the payment of Housing Benefit Direct to the Landlord" and we believe that if the tenant is 8 weeks in arrears we would be able to receive the tenants housing benefit without having to sign the form. Do you know if this is correct?
Also do you know the rules on Housing Benefit claw backs as we believe if we sign this form we have no rights as landlords when it comes to Housing Benefit over payment, even if we weren't to know the tenants circumstances. I have heard about regulation 101 and wondered if you had any more information on this.

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