Paul Ferguson asked 2 years ago

I have a new Tenant who moved into a house about 2 months ago. He is also a Landlord and rented out his large 5 bed house to move into my 3 bed semi. He also has 2 other properties he rents out. 
I use a management agency to sort everything, however they use their own repair company which obviously is not ideal for me and they seem to take their time getting things sorted. As a result I gave the new Tenants a bottle of wine and my phone number so I could get things sorted quicker and cheaper. Also I tild the agency that I wanted at least 2 clear days to go into the property and check things over before the new Tenants moved in. that did not happen due to the new people and their Tenants not getting sorted properly!!!
There was never a problem with the previous Tenant but since this one has moved in they have had issues with various things. He has mentioned on various occasions that he fitted new combi boilers to his rentals before the people moved in and that ours isnt very good and has said that he has had to reset it a few times.(He was in the building trade for a long time so knows a lot of tradespeople) The latest is that the floor boards squeak when he gets home about 1 or 2 in the morning after work, which apparently wake his partner and child. The house is nearly 30 years old with chipboard floorboards upstairs and carpeted.
After all that my question is - how far do I need to go as a Landlord. Is it something they have to get used to. the previous Tenant never had an issue.

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