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sale rent back agreement

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ashley peters asked 2 years ago

hi little advice needed 
nearly 8 years ago i took part in some sale and rent back deals all legitimate bar one
the one that i messed up has come back to bit me in the ass unless i can get some constructive advice
i offered to buy a property but i did not buy it i passed it to a friend who took out a mortgage on said property problem is i offered rent back after a period of time i.e six  years all was going along swimmingly until six years come along when tenant approached me for money i promised him to which i told no money was coming to his as the agreement with him was null and void he was not happy but i thought that would be that but now he has found out i did not buy his property but someone else owns it but i manage the property for my friend i have 30 properties and this is the only one i deceived the seller i done all the wrong things i.e forged tenancy agreement the agreement contract un signed by buyer all done to hide but now i have served him with a s21 notice hoping to get rid of the problem but he has informed me that he has spoken to a housing solicitor who has passed it to litigation barrister also i have been reported to police for fraud the seller now tells me he is going to ask the courts to rescind contract i am really annoyed at myself for doing what i done but i feel i am now in a lot of trouble and could lose everything for 1 mistake can anyone advise me as what i should expect to happen to me as the seller kept all the documentation i sent to him i don't think i have a leg to stand on bit of advice please as what would be appropriate action to keep my self out of court many thanks in advance.

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