Around two thirds of UK landlords are more confident in the buy to let market

🕔11:03, 29.Feb 2012

Almost 70% of landlords were more confident about the UK buy to let market in January than they were at the end of 2011, according to new research. They highlighted rising tenant demand, high rents and reduced housing stock as

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Thinking of becoming a buy to let landlord?!

🕔14:38, 27.Feb 2012

  Whether you’re looking to get a better deal on your buy-to-let mortgage or take your first steps as a landlord, now is a great time to take out an investment mortgage. Booming buy-to-let mortgage market The latest figures from

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Newbuy is the first government backed mortgage scheme for new builds

🕔10:06, 23.Feb 2012

  Under the new programme, developed jointly by the Home Builders Federation and Council of Mortgage Lenders, 95 percent mortgages will be made available to people spending up to the value of £500,000, a larger value than expected, on a

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Rental yields continue to move upwards

🕔10:14, 22.Feb 2012

  Better news for buy-to-let investors One of the UK’s biggest property landlords, LSL Property Services, claims UK rents pushed a 0.1% smidge higher in January to £712 a month. A tiny move forward but still a £30 annualised hike.

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One in three families and individuals rent their home from a landlord or state organisation

🕔19:39, 19.Feb 2012

Home ownership has fallen to its lowest level since Margaret Thatcher was in Downing Street, official figures have shown. Just 66 per cent of homes are owned by those who live in them compared with a peak of 71 per

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Only two areas in UK have seen house price rises since 2007 peaks

🕔13:45, 19.Feb 2012

According to the Halifax bank, the only two areas to increase were Rochford in Essex and South Lakeland in Cumbria. Sixteen of the top 20 best performing areas were in southern England. The report said exceptions included holiday and retirement

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Rents rise in January for first time ever

🕔09:39, 17.Feb 2012

In January, the average rent in England and Wales increased by 0.1% to £712 per month, the first time since LSL began compiling the index that rents have risen on a monthly basis in January, and the first monthly rise

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CML: UK buy to let making great strides as lending increases

🕔21:47, 16.Feb 2012

The number of properties in the UK being bought with buy to let mortgages increased by around 84,000 in 2011, modestly helping to increase the supply of private rented housing in the UK, according to latest data from the Council

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UK Housing Market: What to expect in 2012

🕔09:18, 16.Feb 2012

Housing professionals have always known 2012 would be a busy year, with a raft of new initiatives coming into effect as the government tries to balance the need to make savings with urgent action to address a growing housing crisis.

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Landlords increase buy to let portfolios by 20 per cent in 2011

🕔10:45, 13.Feb 2012

Buy-to-let is bouncing back while the rest of the property market struggles, with mortgage figures showing landlords purchasing 20 per cent more homes last year. The rise in buy-to-let properties bought, revealed by the Council of Mortgage Lenders today, comes

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External handrail installation

🕔15:46, 10.Feb 2012


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Can I enter my property

🕔19:18, 7.Feb 2012

My tenant has been issued her eviction notice from the courts, which has now passed 29th June. I believe she may now have left the property, but hard to tell. Can I enter my property to ensure she left before

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Tenant abandons property and sub lets

🕔13:39, 7.Feb 2012

After successfully finding a new buy to let landlord for my property tenants happy will simply move over to new landlord but tenant decides to move back to her marital home to co-habitate once more with her husband leaving her

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Termination of letting agency agreement

🕔10:33, 7.Feb 2012

We have let a property for more than four years using a letting agent and everything has run smoothly. We have excellent tenants we have never met. The letting agent is efficient and we have had no complaint to make.

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Buy to let continues to progress nicely in 2012

🕔10:51, 6.Feb 2012

As young home-hunters continue to struggle to get on the property ladder, property owners with an eye on the rental market have a vastly greater choice of mortgage deals at signifcantly lower rates than last year, according to Moneyfacts.  

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Agents not getting deposit from tenant

🕔11:45, 5.Feb 2012

I have spoke to the agent and they keep telling me they have invoiced the tenant and it will be paid at a later date. Are the agents in breach of contract? Can I request the tenants leave the property

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unfair rent increase

🕔19:22, 3.Feb 2012

Our landlords agent has decreed that we are to have a rent increase thet we 4 tennants feel is unfairly high.The notice was incorrectly served. We told them that we would like to negotiate but were told it was no

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Potential tenant not moved in

🕔23:19, 2.Feb 2012

I put my property up with a letting agent for the first time, they found a tenant for me, everything was going to plan, then 5 days before the tenants were moving in, they rang the agent and said their

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Tenant eviction query

🕔09:42, 2.Feb 2012

Hi This to me is a difficult one: TENANT( EX mother in law) in property owned by me and ex wife; however ex wife lives in another property also owned by us. We split a few years ago and agreed

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🕔07:39, 2.Feb 2012

my tenants has been with me for 3 years and is on housing benefit but pays her rent direct to me of £720 on 29th monthly. we have had a few hiccups in the past but nothing major and I

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Too many tennants!

🕔19:55, 1.Feb 2012


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£1000's set aside for housing poor tenants have not been spent by councils

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