Barclays Bank say it costs nearly £200,000 more to remain a tenant for life than it does to buy.

🕔11:14, 19.Jun 2012

  The ‘mortgage famine’ – or the credit crunched banks’ reluctance to lend – is a major reason why both the number of people renting and the average age of first time buyers are rising. High house prices are another massive obstacle to home

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London landords aiming to win big during the 2012 Olympics

🕔11:01, 19.Jun 2012

Eleven million fans, sponsors and athletes will be in the city from July, stoking demand for storage, temporary shops and vantage points for cameras – allowing landlords to cash in on otherwise dead space. “You’ll see usable space created that

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UK Landlords need tax incentives to be able to lower rents

🕔10:54, 19.Jun 2012

  The Joseph Rowntree Foundation predicted 1.5 million extra 18- to 30-year-olds will be priced out of buying their own homes within eight years, flooding the rental market. Homelessness among the under-25s will rise to 81,000 it calculated – with an extra

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Landlords in London are 3 times more likely to evict tenants on housing benefit

🕔10:46, 19.Jun 2012

  According to a government-commissioned study, 40% of Londonlandlords said they would stop renting properties to housing benefit tenants in the next year – compared with 33% nationally. Another 26% said they would reduce their lettings in London to housing benefit tenants –

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🕔19:03, 11.Jun 2012

the council have stopped paying the housing benefit for my tennant because my property is being repossed help help

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Rent increase

🕔15:11, 11.Jun 2012

My tenant has been in the same proeprty for the last five years and has never had a rent increase. The tenancy is currently a periodic tenancy. My costs associated with the property have increase by around £125pcm and therefore

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Doing the right thing

🕔11:33, 11.Jun 2012

I want to change my actual mortgage to a buy to let mortgage? My problem is I am being renting my property for about one year and I did not notify my bank. Will I be in trouble?

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UK rental market has become a thriving income sector, boosting the economy

🕔10:41, 11.Jun 2012

  Yolande Barnes, head of residential research, says that rather than looking at bricks and mortar as a capital asset and relying on house price growth to fuel a profit, buyers are now happy to derive an income from rents.

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5 key elements every UK landlord should have in place

🕔10:34, 11.Jun 2012

And here are the detailed five key elements to ensure people are fully covered. 1. Gas Safety Certificates If you have any gas appliances in the property, they must be checked annually by a gas safety engineer. You will be

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UK landlords are being warned not to do their own DIY fire risk assessments

🕔10:30, 11.Jun 2012

  “Don’t even consider it – it could be fraught with danger,” said Dorian Gonsalves, chief executive officer of the country’s leading residential lettings specialist Belvoir. “Few landlords understand the huge amount of legislation governing rented property these days. Fire

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European regulations will not govern UK buy to let market

🕔10:22, 11.Jun 2012

Buy-to-let had initially been covered under the regulation alongside all residential properties but the UK government lobbied hard against its inclusion. The final ECON proposal also included a five-year exemption to introducing the European Standardised Information Sheet to replace the

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Problems getting tenant to pay rent increase

🕔09:27, 10.Jun 2012

10 years ago my family and I left London to live in Sweden. We needed to rent out our house in London. However, as estate agents charged so much for managing the property we decided to do it ourselves. We

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Tennants notice rights

🕔12:01, 8.Jun 2012


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🕔16:58, 7.Jun 2012


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Mould on ceiling and walls

🕔17:21, 6.Jun 2012

The lease states that the tenant is responsible for ensuring that the premises are properly ventilated and to allow thorugh circulation of fresh air at regular intervals. To be responsible immeidately for removing, cleaning and leaving in good order any

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Section 21

🕔13:17, 6.Jun 2012

We are trying to get possession of our home so we can move back in after a few years away. The correct procedure seemed to be Sect 21/N5B but the tenant has fallen behind with their rent since we served

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student let

🕔23:38, 2.Jun 2012

I have a tenant that has moved out because she does not like the other tenants as they have complained about her boyfriend almost living in the house and always being in communal areas this has led me to enforce

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Liabilities for alleged leaking window and tenant claim for damage to personal effects

🕔13:40, 2.Jun 2012

Please could you advise what are my liabilities as a landlord under these circumsyances. Is it my responsibility for the damage and cost of repair.

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The Landlord Association's website reaches peak visitorship amid growing 'problem tenants'

🕔11:15, 1.Jun 2012

The Landlord Association website had its biggest ever visitorship from landlords in May., the UK’s number 1 information website for landlords, was used by more than 60,000 UK landlords during the month of May. Membership Manager for The Landlord

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