Low interest rates, booming rents and sliding house prices – a landlords dream

🕔05:44, 27.Jul 2012

A slew of cut-price mortgage deals is tempting many to take the plunge into the market. But further house price falls could hammer unwary investors unless they are prepared to invest for the long term. Experts warn that if landlords

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The key to a good tenancy is finding the right tenant at the start

🕔12:16, 10.Jul 2012

Buy-to-let landlords are being urged to boost their vetting procedures after figures showed the number of tenants in severe arrears increased by almost a quarter in a year. The country’s plunge back into recession has meant frozen or lower wages

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Tenant eviction

🕔18:53, 8.Jul 2012


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The UK needs a big boost in number of rental properties to cover demand

🕔07:31, 5.Jul 2012

If the private rented sector is to meet the increasing challenges being placed on it to satisfy ever increasing demand, maintain standards and prevent rents from rocketing, there needs to be urgent reform of its tax treatment and regulation. The

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Section 8 possession forms

🕔14:55, 3.Jul 2012

M. Gee m.s.gee@btinternet.com

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Letting agent gone into Liquidation

🕔11:58, 2.Jul 2012

Just looking for advise as to what happens when the letting agent goes into liquidation, obviously affecting my rent due and deposit?

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tennants wont go

🕔09:34, 2.Jul 2012

Please help, I have a tennant who was signed before the DPS was formed, therefore their deposit was never registered, they have fallen behind with rent and have completed 2 months under a section 21, due to leave Jan 31st

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TLA – If tenants miss rental payments, take action quickly!

🕔09:31, 2.Jul 2012

Tenants often complain that they unfairly lose some or all of their deposit when a tenancy ends, but spare a thought for landlords whose losses can run into thousands of pounds if things turn sour. Evicting a tenant who has

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It's a good time to be buying more investment property

🕔08:59, 2.Jul 2012

Figures are good for buyers making their first investment or for current buy-to-let investors. Although the news is filled with property woes at the moment, with the UK economy being in some turmoil in the light of the economic downturn

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🕔22:56, 1.Jul 2012


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