The rental market – predictions and forecasts

🕔07:53, 31.Aug 2012

It has recently been reported that buy-to-let investors are set to make a rather handsome return on their investments during the course of the next 13 years. This has come as a result of increasing rental prices and the fact

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Buy-to-let lending increased by 5% in the second quarter of 2012

🕔12:20, 28.Aug 2012

The volume of loans are up 14% (from 29,100) and the amount advanced up 18% (from £3.3 billion).Growth in buy-to-let lending was evenly split between loans for house purchase and remortgaging, with both showing a 3% increase by volume over

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Landlords of UK buy to let property are increasingly getting repossessed

🕔12:14, 28.Aug 2012

  There were 18,100 repossessions in the first half of 2012, of which 19 per cent were buy-to-let, up from under 10 per cent in early 2009. By contrast the number of owner-occupied homes being repossessed has been in decline since

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UK buy to let landlords experiencing high returns on student accomodation

🕔12:06, 28.Aug 2012

  A typical studio flat in Exeter is worth £85,000 — up from its £65,000 purchase price — and it would receive £515 monthly rent from a student. That is £6,180 annually before tax and lettings’ agency fees, or the

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Property investment is bucking the economic trend

🕔16:03, 19.Aug 2012

  There are now more than 1.4 million buy-to-let loans according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) with director general Paul Smee saying: “The rental sector has grown strongly over the last decade or so, and buy-to-let continues to

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31% rise in buy to let mortgage valuations

🕔12:31, 13.Aug 2012

The report also found:-    The overall mortgage market slowed in July.-    While the total number of residential valuations conducted during July rose by 8 per cent compared to a year ago, valuations fell 13 per cent compared to June.-    Buy-to-let

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Buy to let mortgages on the increase as it stays difficult to buy

🕔12:21, 13.Aug 2012

  Suggestions have also been made that many people are choosing to rent because of uncertainty surrounding the housing market. However, the CML cautioned that buy-to-let lending is still recovering from a low point in 2009 and lending volumes remain

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Do UK landlords care about the sex of their tenants?!

🕔12:18, 13.Aug 2012

  The majority of landlords have a gender preference with the typical typecasts of men being good at general maintenance and women being clean and tidy very much to the fore. The survey also found that landlords were also more

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UK buy to let landlords can expect 3.9% increase in rents over the next year

🕔12:06, 13.Aug 2012

Rents have already increased by 4.3% over the past 12 months and are likely to be driven further upwards by a “scarcity” of mortgage finance and a shortage of good quality properties, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said.

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costs incurred by our ex-tenant far exceed the deposit.

🕔15:10, 12.Aug 2012

When our tenant left, we applied for most of the deposit as she had done a number of things that will cost money to put right. However, we did not know the half of it. She has not only stolen

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tenant has 'stolen' the phone line

🕔15:06, 12.Aug 2012

when we let our late mothers house nearly 3 years ago, there was a bt line installed. It seems now that the tenant has taken our line with her. My sister moved into the property and it will cost her

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Tax Allowance

🕔20:35, 11.Aug 2012


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Joint Venture and Landlord Insurance Advice

🕔13:16, 6.Aug 2012

I am asking for some advice on behalf of my Parents who find themselves in a very bad financial position. They recently got involved in a joint venture scheme with a company called Castle & Gatehouse. They invest money into

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my tenant wants her deposit back

🕔19:23, 4.Aug 2012

My tenant was in my house before the new deposit scheme was put into place. She left the property without cleaning it and left all her mess in the garden. She got rid of the stairs carpet without asking me

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🕔11:06, 3.Aug 2012

This tenant has not allowed our managing agent to view/inspect property on 2 separate occasions. We had to insist, via the agent, to give 48 hours notice and use the spare key to the property and view the property. The

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Can I ask for my keys back?

🕔23:28, 2.Aug 2012

have a tenant that has moved out because she does not like the other tenants as they have complained about her boyfriend almost living in the house and always being in communal areas this has led me to enforce the

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Insurance Loss of Rent

🕔17:35, 2.Aug 2012

Hi I have recently suffered a fire to a property for which I was covered for loss of rent. The insurers are refusing to pay the first months rent with the following excuse:- “There is no cessor of rent clause

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🕔12:17, 2.Aug 2012

Landlord for 18 months. Managed property, one only. Agent been poor and currently in process of changing. However, on January 5th the most recent tenants left the property. It took three weeks to solve issues including a new carpet that

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Do I have a claim against the letting agency?

🕔16:14, 1.Aug 2012

Over a year ago we decided to employ a letting agency to organise tenancy and let our property out due to myself being out of the country. During a winter period when the property had no tenants, the letting agency

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Buy to let mortgage market at war as companies drop rates

🕔12:55, 1.Aug 2012

Building societies across the UK are increasing competition within the buy-to-let mortgage market after a number of companies dropped their rate levels. Leeds Building Society has become the most recent to reduce its rate, cutting the cost of a two-year

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