Landlord & Letting Awards integrity questioned

🕔11:24, 30.Nov 2012

By Richard M Harber – Partnership Director for The Landlord Association. Each year, the Landlord & Letting Awards takes place in a semi-glitzy venue pouring accolade onto the various companies lucky enough to be nominated in their respective categories. But

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House prices falling slowly

🕔09:07, 29.Nov 2012

Its latest monthly survey says average prices have been unchanged this past month at just under £164,000, and are 1.2% lower than in November last year. The annual rate of inflation has now fallen for nine months in a row,

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What can be done to encourage landlords to help tackle the housing crisis?

🕔09:47, 27.Nov 2012

Councils need to up their game: They need to offer a more professional service that competes with the high street so landlords aren’t just expected to come to councils if they have a social conscience. The key sell is the

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ARLA: Demand is still outweighing supply significantly

🕔07:30, 26.Nov 2012

ARLA, the Association of Residential Letting Agents has reported that demand for quality properties to rent is still firmly outstripping supply – which is good news for landlords and buy-to-let investors. The bi-annual survey of ARLA members shows that more

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Landlords reject government plans for housing benefit reform

🕔10:05, 19.Nov 2012

Landlords in the private rented sector have roundly rejected the Government’s welfare reform plans for housing benefit, and point to a lack of housing in the sector to cope with the Government’s changes. Releasing details of a survey of over

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20% rise in number of buy to let mortgages is evidence of further growth

🕔07:49, 19.Nov 2012

Buy-to-let is back, as cheap mortgages and strong tenant demand encourage more people to invest in property again. The number of new buy-to-let mortgages rose 20 per cent in the first nine months of 2012, compared with the same period

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Rental yields up 0.4% in October

🕔10:46, 16.Nov 2012

Tenants saw their rents undergo the slowest monthly increase for five months in October, according to the latest buy-to-let index from LSL Property Services. Average rents rose by 0.4 per cent in October, representing the slowest rate of increase since

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Home ownership falls to lowest level in 25 years

🕔08:48, 16.Nov 2012

Homeownership is “in crisis” in the UK, with owner-occupation falling to its lowest level since 1988, according to a report published by lobby group the HomeOwners Alliance. The HOA says the owner-occupation rate peaked at 69.7% in the UK in

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What do the new squatting laws mean for landlords?

🕔07:10, 15.Nov 2012

The government’s decision to introduce new legislation to criminalise squatting in residential buildings throughout England and Wales has been met with much interest. Opponents on one side argue that there isn’t enough hard evidence to justify the need for the

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Buy to let mortgage arrears reach record low

🕔11:27, 14.Nov 2012

Out of 42,000 live mortgage accounts 572 (1.36%) were in arrears of three months while those accounts one month in arrears dropped below 900 to 896 (2.13%) for the first time since mid-October 2008. Over the month this meant a

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Demand for rentals are up – and so are yields for landlords

🕔11:28, 12.Nov 2012

A string of new surveys show increasing numbers of investors returning to buy-to-let as restrictions on mortgages continue to force would-be first-time buyers into the private rented sector. Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders reveals that in the first

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1-in-8 mortgages now a buy to let deal – reaching record high

🕔10:43, 9.Nov 2012

Britain is issuing the largest number of ‘landlord loans’ since records began, official figures have revealed. One in eight mortgages now a buy-to-let loan deal – an all-time high, the report said. Of the 11.3million mortgages in this country, 1.44million

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Cannabis farm discovered by landlord

🕔10:18, 8.Nov 2012

Officers found an address in Baydale Road, Darlington, had been used for growing the drug, in May, which led to the capture of two of its alleged ringleaders Lam Hai Vo, 58, and Anh Ta Nguyen, 21. Teesside Crown Court

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Water meter

🕔20:30, 7.Nov 2012

Our tennent has just vacated the property she rented from us and we have found she had a water meter fitted without or concent or knowledge we have contacted Yorkshire water to request that it be removed and have been

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Urgent Help Please – Tenants abandoned property then returned

🕔08:18, 7.Nov 2012

I have tenants on a short hold tenancy agreement, expiring in September 2012. I went to collect the rent on the due day of 16th April 2012, no one was in. I tried phoning, no answer. I then got a

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Rent in advance

🕔15:45, 6.Nov 2012

My agent on a new tenancy is demanding that prospective tenants always stay two months in advance but does not opt for either of the deposit schemes telling them he does not take deposits. A recent tenant left owing a

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New mortgage range launched for smaller-scale landlords

🕔07:23, 6.Nov 2012

Paragon has launched a raft of new buy-to-let mortgages for professional and smaller-scale landlords. The loans include fixed and tracker rates offered under both the Paragon Mortgages and Mortgage Trust brands. Eighteen are targeted at professional landlords (12 trackers and

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New Landlord – Do i pay tax when i am making no profit at all

🕔19:32, 1.Nov 2012

I want to rent out my flat (which i own) and rent somewhere else bigger. The rent payment i will receive will cover my mortgage payment alone (possibly will be less so i have to make the difference) to i

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reposession of property as agreed by both parties

🕔11:59, 1.Nov 2012


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Damage and deposit

🕔09:27, 1.Nov 2012

Hi, My tenants recently left my property, on their own accord. I completed the check out with them. There was some damage to a brick wall arround the garden which I then wrote to them about saying there wouldbe a

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