Landlords taking advantage of Funding for Lending scheme

🕔13:55, 31.Jan 2013

Landlords are looking to take advantage of slightly looser bank lending to add to their property portfolios according to a raft of research from the rental market. The Bank of England’s £80bn Funding for Lending scheme, designed to boost lending

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UK tenants want to meet the landlord when viewing a rental property

🕔10:17, 30.Jan 2013

  In the market at the moment it is typical for a letting agent to show prospective tenants around a property, however, the survey shows that tenants would much prefer to meet and talk to their potential landlord. The survey

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Ed Miliband says he will weed out unfit landlords ripping off their tenants.

🕔14:34, 23.Jan 2013

  The Labour leader warned that action is needed to prevent damaging social divisions between homeowners and those who rent. In a speech to the Fabian Society on Saturday, Miliband proposed a national register of landlords and more powers for

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The first half of 2013 will see the buy to let market thrive and grow

🕔14:31, 23.Jan 2013

  Of these the research shows that two-thirds will need to refinance. However three quarters of landlords say mortgage lenders aren’t doing enough to support property investors. The research, which polled 218 investors, suggests landlord appetite for more purchases stems

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New Bank of England lending scheme gets UK landlords active again

🕔14:25, 23.Jan 2013

The Bank of England’s £80bn Funding for Lending scheme, designed to boost lending in the wider economy, is seemingly encouraging established buy-to-let landlords to add to their portfolios. According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents the number of buy-to-lets

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How to deal with emergencies as a landlord

🕔13:41, 23.Jan 2013

How to deal with emergencies as a landlord Renting out a property is a great way to have a regular income. Whether you’re looking for some extra cash each month to supplement your wages or looking at renting as your

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Why buy to let continues to deliver

🕔08:56, 15.Jan 2013

New Year is about new challenges: gym memberships, diets and vows to stop smoking. The property market is full of challenges, too; prices around the country are set to remain flat or worse, with tentative improvements in the economy yet

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The ridiculous list of rules set by one landlord goes viral

🕔12:06, 14.Jan 2013

A tweet has gone viral after a young actress tweeted a list of ridiculous demands her potential landlord expected tenants to abide by. After he handed her the list of a massive 31 tight rules, she tweeted: LAURA EVELYN ‏lauraevelyn1 Need

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Tenant leaving without a forwarding address

🕔15:33, 12.Jan 2013


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Rent from evicted tenants

🕔11:12, 11.Jan 2013

I have served notice on three student tenants under a Assured Shorthold Tenancy due to drugs in the house. I have spoken to the police and University and been advised that I am entitled to ask for rent until I

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Message to private landlords: give universal credit a chance

🕔10:23, 10.Jan 2013

Few systems have caused as much controversy before even being launched as the government’s universal credit. It draws together all welfare claims into a single monthly payment, like a salary, so will undoubtedly change the financial landscape for landlords and

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The Landlord Association's number 1 website records 100,000 visitors in December

🕔08:35, 10.Jan 2013, the UK’s biggest landlord website has reached a milestone in the number of visitors it received during December 2012. The website, now a loyal base of help and advice for more than 38,000 members, has recorded its biggest ever

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tenant sole agreement problems

🕔08:22, 10.Jan 2013


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London housing solutions not paying rent

🕔03:10, 10.Jan 2013

I have two properties leased with London Housing Solutions, one property is more than 28 days passes due date, the lease states 20. If the rent due shall be 28 days in arrears at anytime the landlord may re-enter the

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Buying a house with Tenants on Assured ShortHold Lease

🕔14:39, 7.Jan 2013

Can you advice whether I should buy this property. Apparently the letting agency has them on a six month contract, and it is 5 months in. At the end of the 5 months they should leave. As a buyer of

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I've been very stupid but need to get this tenant out…

🕔13:03, 7.Jan 2013

I let a tenant move into the property with just a deposit whilst her paperwork went through with the Housing Benefit Dep at the council. I get the feeling Im being given the run around, its been over 4 weeks

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Tenant and property in decline

🕔09:49, 5.Jan 2013

Dear Sir/Madam I have a long standing elderly tenant who is no longer looking after himself or the property. This is suffering badly. I dont know who to turn to for help. I dont want to evict him as I

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Mrs Beatrice Straker

🕔06:52, 5.Jan 2013


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shared tenancy, housing benefit

🕔22:22, 3.Jan 2013

Hope someone can advise me. I have recently bought a property which is shared by three elderly brothers. one is 59 and on job seekers. the other two are over 65 and retired.Up to now the younger one has been

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Tenant is late paying rent, and I want to give her notice

🕔20:29, 1.Jan 2013

My tenant is on a periodic lease, I was planning to give her 2 months notice but her rent is late. This is the first month that she has paid late (the rent was due on 28th dec) and I

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unpaid rent

🕔08:35, 1.Jan 2013

Tenants r 9 months into a 12 month contract. In October they did not pay rent,i contacted them (could only do it by text as tenant said something had happened to her phone and she couldnt receive calls)The excuse then

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