The Landlord Associations top tips: Becoming a landlord

🕔10:27, 21.Apr 2013

Buy-to-let investments are enjoying a mini boom. Rents are rising because many young people can’t afford to buy. But should investors be piling in when house prices are falling and interest rates are set to rise? Here, Lauren Thompson explains

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When it comes to student accommodation, UK landlords need to raise their game

🕔12:18, 18.Apr 2013

With tuition fees nudging £9,000 a year and universities being forced to cut their intake to all but the highest performing AAB students, everything points to the fact that those who are still making it to university are doing so

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Rents are increasing quickest in one and two bed properties

🕔10:00, 18.Apr 2013

The agent has collated figures on yield, rent and arrears from 50,000 properties across England, Scotland and Wales, and based on the number of bedrooms.   Two-bedroom properties provide a 6.4 per cent yield on average, with three-beds giving a

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New regulations governing letting agents practices: How does this affect the UK Landlord?

🕔09:35, 18.Apr 2013

After years of calls for regulation of the lettings industry the Government is set to bow to pressure to implement rules, via an amendment to the enterprise bill, that will compel agents to repay tenants and landlords they have cheated.  While

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First quarter of 2013 witnesses new high in remortgaging activity

🕔10:12, 14.Apr 2013

The first three months of 2013 has witnessed a new high in remortgaging activity, with more landlords trying to raise enough capital to expand their portfolios, according to research released this morning by specialist buy to let broker Mortgages for

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🕔19:14, 12.Apr 2013

I own a leasehold flat in a purpose built block. We do not pay any sort of service charge, but no work is ever done. Some of the communal lights, both internally & externally, are not working and it is

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Tenancy deposit

🕔17:24, 11.Apr 2013

Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a tenants deposit. When my previous tenant vacated my property,they left it in mess with a lot of work to be done to get it ready for another tenant. I informed them

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First time landlord please help

🕔20:23, 10.Apr 2013

We have tenants in our house as we could not sell. 12 month AST with break after 6 (recommended by our agent) he signed the agreement then moved girlfriend and kids in without her signing anything permission wise to be

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Buy to let shows, courses and seminars: Are they worth the time and money?

🕔07:56, 10.Apr 2013

The footballer Robbie Fowler, who owns at least 80 rental properties worth an estimated £28 million, has just launched his buy-to-let academy offering free workshops for landlords. He promises to teach property skills “to change your life and secure your

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Evicting tenant

🕔17:18, 9.Apr 2013

I have three lodgers In my home. I live here with my son. One in particular has become quite bullying and nasty. the others are also joining in. I have told them I want them to leave. If they dont

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UK tenants in 'severe arrears' as evictions reach record number

🕔07:04, 8.Apr 2013

Buy-to-let landlords are being warned of a rise in the number of UK tenants in “severe arrears”. The Tenant Arrears Tracker, published by LSL Property Services, shows the number of renters more than two months behind on payments rose by

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Landlords: New tax year ignites warnings from HMRC

🕔06:59, 8.Apr 2013

With a new tax year commencing, and repeat warnings that HMRC are cracking down on tax evasion amongst residential landlords, the Landlord Syndicate is offering advice to landlords on how to make their tax less taxing in the year ahead.

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Recovering deposit from TDS without tenant participation?

🕔19:53, 7.Apr 2013

The tenancy (my first one in the property) was paid to be fully managed by a national chain agency. The tenants were in the property for approximately 18 months and one of these changed part way through the tenancy. The

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tenants not ventilating property

🕔07:09, 4.Apr 2013

we have a two bedroom flat which we have rented out for over ten years and up till now have never had any problems with ventilation. The property was double glazed two years ago and we have extractor fans in

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mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

🕔12:45, 3.Apr 2013


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Deposit dispute

🕔04:18, 3.Apr 2013

The agent emailed me the offer with the usual details; monthly rental,start of tenency agreement, length of tenancy, name of tenant, in this case a company etc. on 5th February. The offer letter stated that the background checks would take

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Landlords: How to make the most profit from your current tenancies

🕔19:25, 2.Apr 2013

What is more valuable to you as a landlord: raising the rent yearly in line with inflation, however often you have to remarket the property? Or keeping hold of a good tenant and saving yourself the time and effort of

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Broken window

🕔11:24, 2.Apr 2013


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