The buy to let market has been improving over past few years – here's why

🕔07:52, 24.Jun 2013

The buy-to-let market has been improving over the last few years. Summary: BTL mortgages has risen from 44,000 in 1999 to 122,000 in 2011 £3,100 million was lent to BTL investors in 1999 compared with £14,000 million in 2011 The

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Damaged carpet

🕔13:20, 12.Jun 2013

My tenant has vacated my property leaving a massive stain on the carpet. Can I claim anything against his deposit or is this classed as wear and tear. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Plans to force private landlords to check immigration status of tenants are to be watered down

🕔08:52, 10.Jun 2013

Plans to force millions of private landlords to vouch safe for the immigration status of their tenants are to be watered down, with the new rules only applying to certain problem areas in the country.  A new Bill to force

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It's boom time for buy-to-let, so here's your homework

🕔08:47, 10.Jun 2013

The buy-to-let sector is booming with landlords tempted by lower house prices, rising rents and improved mortgage deals. Homeowners can no longer rely on house prices rising steeply, but with rental yields on the up, taking advantage of high tenant

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Unfair Rent Collection Charge by Agent

🕔16:16, 9.Jun 2013

In 2007 I set up a “Letting & Rent Collection” agreement with an agent for a 12.5% p.a. fee. The same tenant is still in occupation after over 6 years and the only service I receive from the agent is

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Application for registration for a fair rent

🕔13:11, 8.Jun 2013

I have already appealed to the valuation office agency and have been contacted by HM Courts & Tribunals Service who will get back to me in due course. My problem is that when the rent is finally agreed I will

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deposit scheme

🕔17:20, 3.Jun 2013

Hi, I have had tennants for 2 and half years now, they handed notice a month ago and left on the 1st march, leaving the house in a state and taking my white goods and all curtains with them, on

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Broken Lease

🕔14:49, 3.Jun 2013

My new tenants signed a 6 month contract in February 2013. They left 3 days ago giving no notice only to say that they were leaving that day. The letting agent is very nonchalant that they have broken their contract,

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New Flooring

🕔13:21, 3.Jun 2013

We rent out, via a managing agent, a small house on the south coast. When the previous tenants of 3 years standing moved out, the final report stated the house was in good condition and ready to be re-let. Prior

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🕔03:32, 3.Jun 2013

The tenent refused to use DPS and has made claims against me and I am not sure she has good cause. She had a history of with holding and not paying rent and failing appointments to let essential workman into

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