Leeds, Nottingham and Southend-on-Sea are best for rental yields

🕔07:32, 13.Aug 2013

Leeds, Nottingham and Southend-on-Sea are returning higher rental yields than any other UK cities, according to buy-to-let mortgage specialist TBMC. Its index found that average buy-to-let mortgage rates had fallen by an average of 33bps in the last three months.

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I want to sell my house

🕔20:07, 12.Aug 2013

My tenant is becomming a problem and I would like to sell the house. I am serving them with a section 21 tomorrow,which will take them to the end of their current tenancy agreement. Can I put the house on

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Managing Agency Gone Into Liquidation

🕔19:13, 12.Aug 2013

Hi I was informed last month that the Housing Agents (London Housing Solutions) who managed my property had gone into liquidation. They were always late in paying the rent owning to me and previously said that this was the fault

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Security Deposit

🕔16:01, 11.Aug 2013

I ha been renting out my property through an agent for the last 4 years. The long term tenants recently left and on the exit inventory, there were a lot of comments on marks and dentsvon walls, dirty carpets etc

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Due to my own ingnorance i did not place tenants deposit into tenancy deposit scheme

🕔21:35, 9.Aug 2013

The tenants refuses to pay the rent and have not moved out. What do I do I am now desperate? I havent got any money for legal fees. Is there any hope for me.

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water damage to tenants TV

🕔07:36, 9.Aug 2013

Bit of a strange one here ! Water has somehow got into the TV aerial cable and has damaged the tenants 40″ tv ! Am I liable for its replacement ? We have building Insurance but not contents . Any

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Legal Help Newsletter, August 2013 #2

🕔12:05, 8.Aug 2013 Read Full Article

New to being a landlord. Property maintenance advice required.

🕔21:00, 7.Aug 2013


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Please help!

🕔18:49, 7.Aug 2013

Hi, I am a new landlord and I am looking for some advice on my current situation. My tenants moved in four days ago and are saying that they want me to provide and pay for plumbing for their washing

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Finding a buy to let mortgage to cater for long term renting demands proving difficult!

🕔12:52, 7.Aug 2013

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show that in the first quarter of 2013 buy-to-let lending accounted for 13.4% of total outstanding mortgage lending in the UK – up from 13% the previous quarter and 12.9% at the end

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problem with tenant with no lease – commercial

🕔10:45, 7.Aug 2013

I have a tenant for 32 years in a commercial property, there was never any lease signed or agreement written out. the shop is 200 m2, ground floor not sharing, self contained etc so there no issue outside of my

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Rental prices in the UK hit an all time high

🕔09:53, 7.Aug 2013

Tenants are paying an average of £811 monthly rent, according to the HomeLet Rental Index for June, representing a 3pc rise on the previous month and a 5.1pc increase on a year earlier. The figure represented a “the highest average

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Ex-pat landlords will be required to pay Tax on UK rental earnings

🕔09:03, 7.Aug 2013

Appropriate structuring may serve to reduce the overall rate of tax payable and advice should be taken in this regard (please ask us for our briefing sheets on property structuring). However, the general basis of taxation of rental income is

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Reserve Fund

🕔13:18, 2.Aug 2013

Hi, Im a private landlord with a 1 bed flat in a block of 1-2 beds (30 flats)in North London. I have been in discussion with other landlords in the block about the amount of reserves being held for repairs,

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Deposit return

🕔20:25, 1.Aug 2013

To whom it may concern I have withheld the deposit from tenants who moved out in June of 2012. My reasons being I have had to spend over £4000 on repairing damp and repainting after they left I have never

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Halifax Buy to Let Mortgage

🕔13:46, 1.Aug 2013

I have just had a couple of buy to let quotes from my mortgage provider The Halifax but the quote says that although the mortgage will not be regulated by the FSA – the independent watchdog that regulates financial services

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