New landlord need help rgds electrics

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By Landlord Expert October 1, 2013 05:29

Were having some issues with our letting agent (were the landlord) and need clarification on a couple of things.

We moved out of the country and a friend was sorting our house out because we were unable to sell before we left. Hes left some old things in the house (printer, fax, etc) that he was supposed to tip. The property agent inventorised (badly) the items but we didnt get a copy until after the tenants moved in just after Xmas so didnt know the stuff was there.

Weve raised a complaint with the agents (bad inventory (like it was a different house), rent payments late, unable to pass on repair requests, etc) and they have responded by saying theres a load of stuff we need to do in the house.

One of the things theyve raised is PAT testing on the things that were left behind. Really they just need to go to the tip so, as the house was advertised unfurnished I assume we can just arrange to have the items collected, even though they have been put on the inventory? I am annoyed about this because I had a half hour conversation (long distance) with the agent about pat testing on the cooker and he told me it wasnt needed and and advised not to have an electrical safety test done (which we had asked for but the agent had forgotten to get done) because our house is 300 years old and wed have to have it rewired if it failed. Now, because we have issues with the company, theyre giving different advise.

There is also a plug socket and cooker switch next to the cooker. They have said this is wrong and they might melt and they need to be moved by a qualified electrician asap. The kitchen was done in about 1999 by a qualified electrician and passed off by Building Regs (the house was renovated at the time). The plugs have absolutely no sign of heat and the electrics were inspected about 3 years ago. I believe that electric installations from pre-2005 dont have to comply with part p and that theres no requirement for landlords to undertake this work. Is that right?

I am just about to terminate the letting agent as they have been useless from the start. Our house was broken into a month before the tenants moved in and they didnt even report it to the police.

They did an inventory 2 weeks before the tenant moved in which was terrible and we sent them back to redo it this week. Now, things that were on the inventory in December have disappeared - like the grate and hearth from the lounge! The took pictures in December with it in the fireplace and now theyre saying its not there and, well, tough!

Landlord Expert
By Landlord Expert October 1, 2013 05:29

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