Accidental landlords leaving PRS

🕔11:02, 27.Mar 2014

These individuals, who are also known as reluctant landlords, are homeowners who have been forced to let their property due to being unable to sell and have accounted for a significant proportion of rental property owners in the years since

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Letting your home? Make sure it's up to the mark

🕔10:44, 27.Mar 2014

WITH property across Nottingham achieving an average rent of £711 pcm, it is hardly surprising that more people are starting to consider property as a serious business investment. However, with that, comes increased competition, so what can property investors do

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Landlords warned of 'rental guarantee' pitfalls

🕔11:42, 26.Mar 2014

The eye-catching adverts are certainly compelling: “Attention landlords: Guaranteed rent for five to 10 years. No voids or maintenance costs.” It sounds the perfect solution for landlords who don’t want the hassle of finding or managing tenants – but “guaranteed

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You might not automatically think “Building Society” for your Buy to Let financing needs…

🕔15:21, 24.Mar 2014

              At the Chorley we have many years’ experience in helping our customers, both locally and nationally, to manage their Buy to Let portfolios with: A flexible, no-nonsense approach to lending. We don’t rely

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Warnings By Insurer To Landlords – Damage Caused By Cannabis Farms Will Not Be Covered

🕔11:22, 24.Mar 2014

There are daily stories covered in the media of the increase in damage caused by cannabis farms in rented properties. Insurers are becoming wary of this and one has issued a stark warning that they may not cover damages caused

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Qualitative research to explore the implications for private rented sector tenants and landlords of longer term and moresecure tenancy

🕔12:47, 18.Mar 2014

This research summary outlines findings from qualitative research exploring private rented sector tenants’ and landlords’ knowledge and understanding of the current tenancy, including its advantages and disadvantages. It outlines tenants’ and landlords’ views and responses to a range of longer

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Warnings for private landlords after 'shocking' gas safety survey

🕔12:23, 14.Mar 2014

A survey carried out for the housing charity Shelter Scotland and Scottish Gas found about 5% of those renting from a private landlord had been affected. Meanwhile, about two-fifths (43%) of renters said their landlord or letting agent had failed

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Residential landlords across the country are facing a new crackdown as HMRC targets underpayment.

🕔12:22, 14.Mar 2014

Landlords are reportedly receiving letters from HMRC asking for further information about their rental income and other arrangements. Reports suggest that landlords in London, East Anglia, and South Wales are being particularly targeted. The Revenue is asking for information on

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Calls for quicker evictions to help landlords and good tenants

🕔11:00, 10.Mar 2014

The tenant eviction and rent recovery is backing calls for fast-track evictions amid speculations that the Government is planning to put measures in place to speed up the eviction process for private landlords following concerns that pressures on the courts

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Consultation underway on private landlord licensing proposals

🕔09:58, 6.Mar 2014

The aim is to improve neighbourhoods by introducing licensing for all private landlords in selected areas, including conditions for landlords to keep people’s homes in a safe condition, have clear rules around tenants’ payments and deal with any tenants causing

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Dispute with letting agent

🕔12:43, 5.Mar 2014

Hi We have got our property rented through agent and its managed by agent for last 3 yrs now we dont want our letting agent to manage the property so he is asking for one rent plus vat rather than

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Letting Rooms in My House

🕔11:24, 5.Mar 2014

I clicked the Questions tab, so I hope this is the right part of the site. I wish to let rooms in my house. What kind of agreement please and any thing else I need to know? Thank you for

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Legal advice please

🕔11:39, 4.Mar 2014

Hi, I looking for some advice. I moved abroad last year and I put my UK property in the hands of what I thought was a reputable letting agent (how wrong I was!!!) I specifically asked for no housing benefit

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Pros and cons of buy-to-let property

🕔10:34, 4.Mar 2014

But a property lawyer is advising would-be landlords to be aware of all the pros and cons before they take the plunge. In an era of record low rates for buy-to-let mortgages, with some rates fixed as low as 2.4

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Council Laws

🕔13:15, 3.Mar 2014

Which law is the council using to claim empty property tax on buy to lets? Please advise Regards Alan Brown

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Terminating agent's services

🕔11:42, 1.Mar 2014

I have signed up for a fully managed service with a letting agent. Now I wish to manage it myself but I would like to keep the same tenant as the latter has settled in well and would like to

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