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Dean Evans
By Dean Evans

PWW has wide experience in successfully bringing possession claims, and in representing landlords in other technical property disputes. PWW can advise you on your possession claims under the standard and accelerated procedures, claims for arrears of rent/disrepair and enforcement of possession orders. PWW has successfully represented a broad range of clients including residential and commercial landlords, a guardian company, churches and charities. The firm understands that litigation is often a last resort and seeks to resolve disputes swiftly and efficiently. PWW’s team of experts work together to ensure practical, commercial and sensitive advice is given at all stages of your dispute.

PWW offer an efficient and personal service: “I strongly recommend the company’s services! Especially Alice Lane who treated me with care and great professionalism”. Customer Review.

Alexa Beale has an “excellent track record” advising religious charities on complex property matters. Legal 500 2017.

PWW will aim to provide fixed fees where possible. Please contact PWW if you wish to discuss any issues with our team prior to booking an appointment.

Tel:    0207 821 8211”    

Dean Evans
By Dean Evans

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