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Dean Evans
By Dean Evans September 17, 2018 08:48

Legal Services for Landlords

  • Repossessions & Rent Arrears, s8 and s21 Notices, Tenancy Agreement, Deposits and
  • Deposit Protection Schemes, Security of Tenure,
  • Unlawful Eviction,
  • Repair Issues

Being a Landlord can be a stressful and costly business.

Tenants refusing to pay rent, service charges, for repairs, causing damage, breaching covenants, refusing to vacate etc. The list of potential issues is endless.

The law places a heavy regulatory burden upon Landlords which can be difficult to navigate and is constantly changing.

Making the wrong decisions at the start of a new tenancy or incorrectly served statutory notices, can lead to long, costly delays when it comes to evicting tenants.

Early advice is key to ensuring your position is protected.

PLS provide expert advice to Landlords on property matters in a friendly, professional and cost effective way with expertise in the following:

  • Lease and Tenancy Agreements
  • Security of Tenure
  • s8 & s21 Notices
  • Repossessions and Rent Arrears
  • Breach of Covenants
  • Protection of deposits
  • Unlawful eviction
  • Dilapidations
Dean Evans
By Dean Evans September 17, 2018 08:48

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