Looking to Sell Your Flats & Apartments? Own the Entire Block

Dean Evans
By Dean Evans October 30, 2018 11:37

This month the Landlord Association welcomes Bastion Estates as a new partner and benefit to its membership.

Bastion Estates are specialist property sourcing agents. Bastion work with clients across the UK and they pride themselves on their straight talking forward thinking approach to the property market.

Bastion are a highly experienced team of property professionals offering an unrivalled approach to selling your property. You can check out the team via the Meet the Team section of the www.bastionestates.com website.

Guy Davis, Director of Bastion Estates, says “It’s a pleasure to be affiliated with the Landlord Association. Not only does the relationship form a great platform for us to provide and promote our benefits to the membership but we also feel it sits well with our market focus which is offering huge benefits to landlord’s who are seeking an exit from property they may not wish to retain but could be problematical to sell in today’s market. We can offer a genuine solution”.

Bastion would welcome any enquiries from the Landlord Association Members should they have a need to sell their block of apartments/flats. Bastion have the need to fulfil up to £1bn in apartment block/flats purchases across the next 3 to 5 years

Key Guiding Points from Bastion:

Unbroken Blocks of Flats (including freehold).
4 to 20 Self-Contained Apartments in the Block.
Anywhere in England and Wales Considered.
Pricing Model Suits Secondary Locations.
Tenanted or Vacant, New Build or Off Plan.
Ideally No Studios or Commercial but Anything Considered.
Standard Not Important as Updating Work Undertaken.

The Advantages:

No High Street Estate Agency Fees
Fast Decisions on Buying
Cash Buyers
Repeat Buyers Showing Strength of Relationship

If any members match the criteria or are close to it, then we welcome your contact.

Guy commented; “I know that if your members have appropriate flats/apartment blocks that they have everything to gain from contacting us. We are fast becoming the only company of choice for such properties”.

“We hope that members keep a note of our details as we can be of great importance when that time comes in a landlord’s life where he or she wishes to sell their property or parts of their apartment block portfolio.”

To sell your apartment block with Bastion Estates it is best initially to fill in the online form, we can then get back to you to discuss your property and to see if it passes our initial criteria. The form can be located at:  https://bastionestates.com/apply/

Dean Evans
By Dean Evans October 30, 2018 11:37

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