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Dean Evans
By Dean Evans December 19, 2019 10:46


Whether you are a landlord looking to let a property or a tenant looking for a home to rent the team at Caversham Solicitors can help. Our team have a great deal of knowledge and experience with landlords and tenants

If you are a landlord you will want to protect your investment and ensure that your tenants pay on time and look after your property and if you are a tenant you wish to be treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

When it comes to both landlords we provide advice from creating the tenancy agreements through to gaining repossession of a property and equally we can ensure a home is maintained in accordance to the law if you are a tenant and that you are not unlawfully evicted.

At Caversham Solicitors we have a comprehensive understanding of the legal obligations facing landlord and we provide advice to both landlords and tenants regarding disputes that can arise. Get in touch with Sarah Wilkinson at or phone on 0118 947 8638.


Caversham Solicitors has experience across a wide range of litigation services and is able to represent individuals and organisations in the pursuit and defence of such claims across Berkshire, Oxfordshire and beyond.

Our litigation services include:

  • Consumer Issues
  • Commercial Disputes
  • Boundary and Land Disputes
  • Debt and Insolvency
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Contested Probate
  • Neighbour Problems
  • Small Claims
  • Protection from Harassment

Contact Caversham Solicitors today to discuss your litigation requirements.


It is important that you know the type of firm we are and how we operate.

We are much more than just another firm of Solicitors. We like to build long lasting relationships with all of our clients. After all, we may be involved in a very personal aspect of your life and we want our relationship to be built on trust. We like our clients to look at us as individuals who you can turn to.

At Caversham Solicitors we are honest and embrace traditional values: we do not take on all potential clients that call us, equally you need to make a decision about whether we are the right Solicitors for you. Our aim is for you to enjoy using us as your Solicitors and for you to receive the maximum benefits from our services. We want you to feel that what you pay us is value for money, rather than a cost.

Our Core Values Are That We Will Always:

– Act independently in your best interest – Provide you with the best possible service – Provide value for money – Keep you informed and up to date on a regular basis – Be approachable and considerate – Treat you with courtesy and respect – Explain things in a clear way which you can understand

The Ethos Behind Caversham Solicitors

A personal service built on core moral values from caring solicitors. All advice is given by highly-experienced solicitors; face-to-face meetings whenever you require; explanations in plain English; an empathetic and friendly team with traditional values; communication by whatever means you wish. Over the years, we have seen steady growth because our structure enables each of our solicitors to combine their specialised expertise with care and attention to the individual needs of clients. We make the time, and we have the interest, to understand our client’s requirements, enabling us to do our very best to achieve those.

Whatever the problem, whether it is a happy occasion such as buying a new home or starting a new business, or a sad occasion such as divorce, debt, losing a job or dealing with the estate of a loved one who has passed away, we understand the problems and have the experience to provide the solutions.

Dean Evans
By Dean Evans December 19, 2019 10:46

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