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The Landlord Association and is the home of The Landlord Association. It is the largest website for landlords in the UK and still remains an Unincorporated Association despite our success.

[An ‘unincorporated association’ is an organisation set up through an agreement between a group of people who come together for a reason other than to make a profit, eg a voluntary group or a sports club. You don’t need to register an unincorporated association, and it doesn’t cost anything to set one up. Individual members are personally responsible for any debts and contractual obligations. More information can be found via the following government website:]

Officially established in 2005, The Landlord Association is a philanthropic member run and member owned organisation. Our team consists of professional landlords who know what it is like operating as a private landlord in the UK. In the long term [as landlords] we would all like to see some improvements in the private rented sector but in the short term we know you need support and assistance. Keeping up to date with the latest law changes, locating legal documents such as tenancy agreements or having someone on hand to ask any questions you have with your tenancy or tenant is essential to our operation. The Landlord Association [] has produced 3 websites since its emergence and What you see now is many years of hard work. We use any revenue we generate from the funding we receive for valid initiatives from our partners to develop more services and to maintain those we already provide to over 150,000 registered members.

The Landlord Association is procurated by Mr D Evans, Chairman and treasurer of the association to safeguard all operations, to undertake all final decisions, and for all financial and monetary investments. Mr D Evans is responsible for all contractual commitments and is solely liable for all monetary and finance commitments made by The Landlord Association.

What does The Landlord Association do and what makes us different from other landlord associations?
  1. We are the only FREE to join national landlord association - the ONLY one of our kind in the UK
  2. We are the only national landlords association that provides such extensive free back-up and support ONLINE to residential landlords
  3. We are one of only three national associations set-up to help landlords all over the UK. We are the only free association for landlords operating on a national basis
  4. We are the only landlord association to provide the sheer extent of totally free resourses, information and tools
  5. We are the only landlord association that is recommended by the Housing Ombudsman Service and the NAEA. This is a unique achievement and makes us the only national association for landlords with such esteemed backing.
  6. We are the only landlord association priviledged enough to have been chosen by Google as it's leading vendor of landlord and property related news
  7. We are a leading landlord association with a significant member base with a dedicated following of landlords from all over the UK
  8. We are the only Landlord Association to offer free telephone support from experienced and professional staff. All other associations, including the only other national association, charge their members a fee for this service
  9. We use the information and ongoing feedback we gather from our members to back worthy campaigns that promise to help improve the standards for landlords within the private rented sector
  10. We need our members just as much as they need us - The more landlords we acquire as members, the more plenary and detailed our feedback and services can be
  11. Furthermore, we can represent the concerns of each and every individual landlord
  12. We believe in a total service - ongoing developments to our website and planned, future additions makes us the most fresh, unique and dynamic association for UK landlords

What are The Landlord Association's objectives?

  1. To listen to the concerns of all residential landlords and to communicate those concerns through any campaign to help improve the standards for landlords operating in the private rented sector
  2. We will communicate the concerns of our landlords through respectful yet purposeful dialogue to effectively encourage a better code of practice and a private rented sector in which landlords have the assistance and protection so desperately needed
  3. To provide a total service for landlords - campaigning and lobbying for landlords is our long-term purpose but the quest to provide as many FREE services which will aid the daily operation of a landlord is our primary, short-term mission
  4. To encourage effective relationships between all landlord related organisations in order to represent the best interests of landlords operating across the UK within the private rented sector
  5. To educate, support and equip new landlords entering the private rented sector
  6. We encourage a civilised and professional and open channel of communication between landlord and tenant
  7. Our ongoing quest at The Landlord Association is to develop free solutions for landlords where they would normally have to pay fees. We are the only organisation that provide this type of service in the UK - The Imminent Launch Of Our Panels

Our website,, is a progressive, online evolution for an association of registered bona fide landlords of UK property.

As part of our service, we have been forming our new Panels that members can access in order to find the firms we trust to help you with the ever growing problems experienced by landlords. This formation is the result of the huge levels of enquiries we receive from visitors and members alike requiring guidance on the best way to resolve issues ranging from insurance to eviction services.

The official panel is by invite only so that members of The Landlord Association can feel assured that the comapanies chosen are known to us as reputable firms.

We will not make any money from any of the firms you arrange your premiums with on any of the regional panel areas. We have charged each organisation a small, yearly donation to provide an accumulative total that funds the staff required to maintain the overheads an organisation of our ever increasing size requires.

The Landlord Association...

Our PRIMARY mission is to educate, inform and facilitate landlords so that they can perform their daily tasks and duties as landlords themselves without paying ongoing costs and membership fees. We actively continue this quest with unrelenting devotion and dedication.

We are an online service which provides 24 hour help. We provide our website, membership to the association it is run by, and all of the services contained on it, FREE OF CHARGE to landlords. This means that we can educate landlords as to the laws, regulations and responsibilities that apply to them and then also equip landlords with the solution and tools to solve or resolve any issue(s) themselves - Landlords can now become more professional and self-sufficient without costly fees and needless expense.

At The Landlord Association, we understand the need for patience when campaigning for the rights of residential landlords. We also understand that the need to educate and facilitate landlords on a DAILY basis is vitally essential. This short term reach helps fuel our long term goals and with our membership costing landlords NO MONEY what-so-ever, we believe that we are now the best organisation leading a new front for landlords. Join The Landlord Association today - please lend your support so that we can continue to support you.

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