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Agency renewal fees

🕔21:59, 1.Jul 2014

I am due to complete on the purchase of a buy to let flat and have agreed to take on the vendors current tenants. The agents who are selling the property originally found the tenants for the vendor one year

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New Tenancy

🕔21:51, 1.Jul 2014

Hi Update on my case. I have been in contact with both the tenant and the Council. It has been agreed that the Housing Benefit can be paid direct to me, but I must now draw up a Tenancy Agreement

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Tenants Have Seperated

🕔16:51, 1.Jul 2014

I have a contract via a letting agent with two tenants. Sadly the man has walked out on his partner, who has just had a new baby. The contract has now expired, but the lady is still paying her rent

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Letting agent gone out of business

🕔13:29, 1.Jul 2014

My Letting agent went out of business with many broken promises and have left me with a considerable amount of debt to pay. I would be grateful for my options in this matter. Many thanks, Dr K Patel

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🕔13:00, 1.Jul 2014


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tenant referencing

🕔12:10, 1.Jul 2014

when referencing the tenant to insure the property she has a CCJ. although she paid upfront £1300 last September 2013,when i took over the flat, She is already £200 in arrears, she was in arrears of £300 but has deposited

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Gaining Property possession

🕔14:43, 2.Jun 2014

My tenants are now on a periodic tenancy after assured short hold tenancy agreement ended November 2013. Rent arrears serious, one months notice given to vacate property under the month to month periodic agreement. Can anyone advise me please where

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Rent Arrears

🕔22:22, 1.Jun 2014

Our tenants are in rent arrears for 2 months. We have issued them already with a section 21 requesting they leave the property on the 19th January. We gave them this back in November. They told us they would pay

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Single tenant was still at the property

🕔16:49, 4.May 2014

Hi just a question about one of my past tenants. I have a main tenant living at the property with her children. I then had a single lady renting a room out in the same property with access to the

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🕔16:23, 3.May 2014

Can money be deducted from a deposit at the end of a tenancy for the none payment of rent, if it has been written into the ASH to do so is this legal??

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no tenant contact

🕔12:05, 3.May 2014


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Deposit Transfer Error

🕔15:26, 2.May 2014

Around 14 months ago I decided to hand my notice in and go travelling. A friend was taking over the tenancy and I had stated to the letting agent they could transfer my bond across to the new tenant. The

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what can environemntal health make me do

🕔00:09, 1.May 2014


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charging rent

🕔10:31, 3.Apr 2014


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AST six months

🕔11:32, 1.Apr 2014

please can you clarify how exactly to work out the dates for the fixed period of six months – i.e. if the tenancy started on 19 October 2013 is the end day the 19 april 2014? or 18th april? Ithank

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Dispute with letting agent

🕔12:43, 5.Mar 2014

Hi We have got our property rented through agent and its managed by agent for last 3 yrs now we dont want our letting agent to manage the property so he is asking for one rent plus vat rather than

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Letting Rooms in My House

🕔11:24, 5.Mar 2014

I clicked the Questions tab, so I hope this is the right part of the site. I wish to let rooms in my house. What kind of agreement please and any thing else I need to know? Thank you for

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Legal advice please

🕔11:39, 4.Mar 2014

Hi, I looking for some advice. I moved abroad last year and I put my UK property in the hands of what I thought was a reputable letting agent (how wrong I was!!!) I specifically asked for no housing benefit

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Council Laws

🕔13:15, 3.Mar 2014

Which law is the council using to claim empty property tax on buy to lets? Please advise Regards Alan Brown

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Terminating agent's services

🕔11:42, 1.Mar 2014

I have signed up for a fully managed service with a letting agent. Now I wish to manage it myself but I would like to keep the same tenant as the latter has settled in well and would like to

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who pays for damaged door

🕔21:51, 4.Feb 2014


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Unpaid Rent

🕔19:47, 3.Feb 2014

My tenant was in for a year and paying the rent every month. Hed partner moved out and the Management Agency were supposed to do another Credit Check to ensure he could pay the rent on his own – they

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Empty property tax law?

🕔13:15, 3.Feb 2014

Which law is the council using to claim empty property tax on buy to lets? Please advise Regards Alan Brown

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Can I restrict how many nights a week my lodger's girlfriend stays over a week?

🕔14:19, 2.Feb 2014


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Early Tenancy Termination after signing fixed term contract

🕔11:48, 1.Feb 2014

Student tenant wishes to leave the property after signing a 9 month fixed-term contract and living there for only 4 months. Do I simply ask for the 9 month rent in one lump sum before he/she vacates the property? Do

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Section 8

🕔22:20, 1.Jan 2014


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Letting Agent

🕔08:28, 7.Dec 2013

One of my tenants left so I contacted a letting agent to let my property. So far they seem to have done nothing about marketing it i.e. not put it up on their internet site.Ive not signed any paperwork with

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Non payment of rent

🕔16:32, 6.Dec 2013

My current tenant has been in the property for approx 3 years and has always paid rent on time direct to the designated bank account[7th of the month]. This month[June 2013] they have failed to pay. I have tried to

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Sharon Venneear

🕔16:11, 3.Dec 2013

I have received a letter from my local council requesting information regarding a property that I rent to a tenant on housing benefit. It asks me to complete a form in compliance with the above act. The form asks questions

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Tenant seeks bond return via county court

🕔16:45, 2.Dec 2013

Through naivety as I only own one property that I let and manage it myself, I did not place the bond in the correct scheme 4 years ago when the tenancy began (500) the tenant vacated and left the property

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Unauthorised Change of Gas/Electric Meters By Utility Company

🕔11:31, 10.Nov 2013

During the course of their tenancy the tenant changed the utility meters from Credit to Prepay, probably at the insistence of the utility company (Southern Electric) because of unpaid bills. Now that the tenant has been evicted Southern have advised

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b parry

🕔16:00, 6.Nov 2013

do you have to put the deposit into one of these schemes ? and what could be the result if you did not ?

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🕔12:35, 4.Nov 2013

Hi – thanks for your time. I have had a bit of a nightmare with my recent tenants. They moved in on Aug 11, 2012 and every single month since then, have either been late or not paid their rent.

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I am out of the country and the tenant is ignoring my emails.

🕔23:55, 3.Nov 2013

My question is – if i go to the flat will he be able to call this harrasment?. What rights of access do I have to the flat – I have tried severally to contact him and hes just ignoring

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How do i end a contract with an Agency

🕔18:14, 1.Nov 2013

I have given my flat to an Agent on a 1 year lease. It was agreed that the tenants will be Professional (no DHSS) no pets and rent on time. The current tenants they put in moved in June .

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Visitors overstaying

🕔18:53, 9.Oct 2013

I have two tenants on a rolling contract in a one bedroom flat. The had visitors of which was the wife and children of one of the tenants. They were due to go home at the end of August but

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Letting out a room in my house

🕔10:11, 7.Oct 2013

can anyone tell me what contract or agreement I need to complete when I am the landlord living with the tenant! I want to rent a room in my house and cant find any advice on here regarding my obligations

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Breach of contract?

🕔14:43, 5.Oct 2013

In more detail: 1. Cleaning prior to installation of tenant Not completed to a satisfactory standard. This was not identified as an issue by Mike Rogersons during the inventory of the property and they were prepared to allow me to

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Deposit Protection scheme

🕔20:46, 4.Oct 2013


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New landlord need help rgds electrics

🕔05:29, 1.Oct 2013

Were having some issues with our letting agent (were the landlord) and need clarification on a couple of things. We moved out of the country and a friend was sorting our house out because we were unable to sell before

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Section 48 Notice

🕔11:24, 10.Sep 2013

I have just bought a property and inherited the tenant who is now refusing to sign the new STA. She has paid rent and is still in the flat. I believe I can takeover her previous STA from the vendor

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Ending a 12 month tenancy agreement

🕔14:28, 9.Sep 2013

My tenants informed my management agents they wished to leave the property 4 months into a 12 month agreement. The agents informed me that the tenants were made aware the property was being returned to the market to enable them

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unpaid service charges

🕔16:26, 7.Sep 2013

7 years ago I bought 4 flats in a block of 6 flats off plan and having been renting them since. Part of the agreement is that I would not pay service charges and ground rent for 2 years from

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Question on bidding for buy to let property‏

🕔00:04, 6.Sep 2013

I am about to buy my first buy to let property and I was looking at your website and found a lot of the information useful. However I am new to this and I have a question that I would

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Agents commission

🕔22:40, 2.Sep 2013


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What constitutes harrassment

🕔22:02, 1.Sep 2013

Tenants are 2 months in arrears with rent. Without going into detail have had no end of trouble contacting them but eventually did and they have said will try and clear arrears by 24th Jan. Didnt totally believe this but

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Advice on damaged property

🕔13:38, 1.Sep 2013

Hi I would be very grateful for your advice. I have a property that has been recently vacated by a tenant who has caused approximately £3000 of damage (as quoted by local contractors to put things right). The tenant was

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I want to sell my house

🕔20:07, 12.Aug 2013

My tenant is becomming a problem and I would like to sell the house. I am serving them with a section 21 tomorrow,which will take them to the end of their current tenancy agreement. Can I put the house on

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Managing Agency Gone Into Liquidation

🕔19:13, 12.Aug 2013

Hi I was informed last month that the Housing Agents (London Housing Solutions) who managed my property had gone into liquidation. They were always late in paying the rent owning to me and previously said that this was the fault

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Security Deposit

🕔16:01, 11.Aug 2013

I ha been renting out my property through an agent for the last 4 years. The long term tenants recently left and on the exit inventory, there were a lot of comments on marks and dentsvon walls, dirty carpets etc

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Due to my own ingnorance i did not place tenants deposit into tenancy deposit scheme

🕔21:35, 9.Aug 2013

The tenants refuses to pay the rent and have not moved out. What do I do I am now desperate? I havent got any money for legal fees. Is there any hope for me.

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water damage to tenants TV

🕔07:36, 9.Aug 2013

Bit of a strange one here ! Water has somehow got into the TV aerial cable and has damaged the tenants 40″ tv ! Am I liable for its replacement ? We have building Insurance but not contents . Any

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New to being a landlord. Property maintenance advice required.

🕔21:00, 7.Aug 2013


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Please help!

🕔18:49, 7.Aug 2013

Hi, I am a new landlord and I am looking for some advice on my current situation. My tenants moved in four days ago and are saying that they want me to provide and pay for plumbing for their washing

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problem with tenant with no lease – commercial

🕔10:45, 7.Aug 2013

I have a tenant for 32 years in a commercial property, there was never any lease signed or agreement written out. the shop is 200 m2, ground floor not sharing, self contained etc so there no issue outside of my

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Reserve Fund

🕔13:18, 2.Aug 2013

Hi, Im a private landlord with a 1 bed flat in a block of 1-2 beds (30 flats)in North London. I have been in discussion with other landlords in the block about the amount of reserves being held for repairs,

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Deposit return

🕔20:25, 1.Aug 2013

To whom it may concern I have withheld the deposit from tenants who moved out in June of 2012. My reasons being I have had to spend over £4000 on repairing damp and repainting after they left I have never

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Halifax Buy to Let Mortgage

🕔13:46, 1.Aug 2013

I have just had a couple of buy to let quotes from my mortgage provider The Halifax but the quote says that although the mortgage will not be regulated by the FSA – the independent watchdog that regulates financial services

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deposit scheme

🕔09:54, 5.Jul 2013

Hello, I have a property where I did not register the deposit into the protected deposit scheme. The contract ran our a few years ago and now runs on a periodical. if I sign the tenant on a new contract

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Landlord registration

🕔22:46, 4.Jul 2013

Do I need to register as a landlord in England ? I,ve been talking to my sister in Scotland who rents out several property,s , were it is a legal requirement to be registered ! Many Thanks Cliff

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Tax question

🕔13:10, 4.Jul 2013

Hi, I have a question about my tax obligations, grateful if anybody knows the answer. I and my wife own a property that for 7 years was our family home. We moved out three years ago because my work took

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Utilities Company Tariff Query

🕔15:03, 3.Jul 2013

Hi guys, I am a landlord and I have a query concerning the energy supply to my property which Im hoping someone might be able to advise me on. Basically, before my last tenant took occupancy of my property (about

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Damaged carpet

🕔13:20, 12.Jun 2013

My tenant has vacated my property leaving a massive stain on the carpet. Can I claim anything against his deposit or is this classed as wear and tear. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

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Unfair Rent Collection Charge by Agent

🕔16:16, 9.Jun 2013

In 2007 I set up a “Letting & Rent Collection” agreement with an agent for a 12.5% p.a. fee. The same tenant is still in occupation after over 6 years and the only service I receive from the agent is

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Application for registration for a fair rent

🕔13:11, 8.Jun 2013

I have already appealed to the valuation office agency and have been contacted by HM Courts & Tribunals Service who will get back to me in due course. My problem is that when the rent is finally agreed I will

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deposit scheme

🕔17:20, 3.Jun 2013

Hi, I have had tennants for 2 and half years now, they handed notice a month ago and left on the 1st march, leaving the house in a state and taking my white goods and all curtains with them, on

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Broken Lease

🕔14:49, 3.Jun 2013

My new tenants signed a 6 month contract in February 2013. They left 3 days ago giving no notice only to say that they were leaving that day. The letting agent is very nonchalant that they have broken their contract,

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New Flooring

🕔13:21, 3.Jun 2013

We rent out, via a managing agent, a small house on the south coast. When the previous tenants of 3 years standing moved out, the final report stated the house was in good condition and ready to be re-let. Prior

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🕔03:32, 3.Jun 2013

The tenent refused to use DPS and has made claims against me and I am not sure she has good cause. She had a history of with holding and not paying rent and failing appointments to let essential workman into

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Tenant question: Log burner in rented property has been condemmed

🕔11:53, 12.May 2013

Short background: We are a couple with kids 6 & 8 renting from a landlady (and her husband) who we have always had a good relationship with and paid on time (3 years). If anything we are too easy going

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Tenants being difficult.

🕔13:53, 8.May 2013

I gave my tenants notice to quit recently because I want to sell the property as has always been my intention since purchasing it 10 years ago. The tenants have caused quite a lot of damage to the property and

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Who Foots The Bill ?

🕔13:37, 6.May 2013

I have been renting my property though the same letting agent for over 10 years and have been very happy with the FULL MANAGEMENT SERVICE they have offered but I have a query regarding a repair bill that I feel

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Letting agents haven't been carrying out inspections

🕔12:26, 6.May 2013


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House let by letting agency to tennants who turned my house into a canabis farm

🕔22:31, 3.May 2013

Hi there, wonder if you can help please? My house was let out by my letting agents to tennants who turned it into a canabis farm and they have completely ruined it. Finally found an electricity supplier who is willing

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Notice to Quit

🕔09:41, 3.May 2013

My tenants have always been in arrears with their rent. They are now £391.44 in arrears (which is more than the Bond I hold) and I have given them two months notice. They currently have a fixed term (6 months)

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🕔19:14, 12.Apr 2013

I own a leasehold flat in a purpose built block. We do not pay any sort of service charge, but no work is ever done. Some of the communal lights, both internally & externally, are not working and it is

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Tenancy deposit

🕔17:24, 11.Apr 2013

Hi, I am looking for some advice regarding a tenants deposit. When my previous tenant vacated my property,they left it in mess with a lot of work to be done to get it ready for another tenant. I informed them

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First time landlord please help

🕔20:23, 10.Apr 2013

We have tenants in our house as we could not sell. 12 month AST with break after 6 (recommended by our agent) he signed the agreement then moved girlfriend and kids in without her signing anything permission wise to be

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Evicting tenant

🕔17:18, 9.Apr 2013

I have three lodgers In my home. I live here with my son. One in particular has become quite bullying and nasty. the others are also joining in. I have told them I want them to leave. If they dont

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Recovering deposit from TDS without tenant participation?

🕔19:53, 7.Apr 2013

The tenancy (my first one in the property) was paid to be fully managed by a national chain agency. The tenants were in the property for approximately 18 months and one of these changed part way through the tenancy. The

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tenants not ventilating property

🕔07:09, 4.Apr 2013

we have a two bedroom flat which we have rented out for over ten years and up till now have never had any problems with ventilation. The property was double glazed two years ago and we have extractor fans in

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mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)

🕔12:45, 3.Apr 2013


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Deposit dispute

🕔04:18, 3.Apr 2013

The agent emailed me the offer with the usual details; monthly rental,start of tenency agreement, length of tenancy, name of tenant, in this case a company etc. on 5th February. The offer letter stated that the background checks would take

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Broken window

🕔11:24, 2.Apr 2013


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Ex Tennant in arrears

🕔12:59, 9.Mar 2013

My ex tennant is 3 months in arrears and I have already contacted him with a chance to provide a payment plan. He has not done so, therefore I am now forced to take the next steps. He is a

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Can I sell my house?

🕔15:41, 7.Mar 2013

I have tenants in my house on an AST which commenced 26th October 2012 for 1 year. Recently they have started to mess me about with the rent, Missed Feb completely, £50 short in April and now £250 short in

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Boiler and Agent Problems

🕔09:10, 7.Mar 2013

Hi, I would be grateful if you could advise me on this issue. I am a new landlady and as such asked for a letting agent to manage the property. Once things started to happen with finding a tenant I

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Tenant negligence over a faulty boiler

🕔16:41, 5.Mar 2013

My tenant let me know that the water was going cold while she was having a shower, and that she was resetting the boiler after each shower. I had taken out British Gas insurance for boiler problems, and offered either

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My letting agent is no longer trading.

🕔14:17, 4.Mar 2013


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Tenant permission

🕔23:05, 12.Feb 2013


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Council tax liability

🕔10:11, 12.Feb 2013

A tenant whose Assured Shorthold Tenancy expired 07/10/13 told Durham County Council (DCC) that she was moving out the same day. I knew nothing about this. On 14/11/13 the tenant texted me her notice of leaving. When I contacted DCC,

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Tenants ex wife not leaving

🕔18:10, 10.Feb 2013

We had a husband wife tenant. Sole tenancy in husband name and now they divorced husbands given notice end tenancy and wife isnt leaving help please what can we do to remove her? She hasnt paid any rent or anything

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rent in arrears and tenancy soon to expire

🕔16:29, 9.Feb 2013

Hi My tenant has not paid the last two months, July and August. Rent is due on the 14th of every month. I have tried to call on a number of occasions with no success and in the end had

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A return of the deposit

🕔14:28, 1.Feb 2013


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Tenant leaving without a forwarding address

🕔15:33, 12.Jan 2013


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Rent from evicted tenants

🕔11:12, 11.Jan 2013

I have served notice on three student tenants under a Assured Shorthold Tenancy due to drugs in the house. I have spoken to the police and University and been advised that I am entitled to ask for rent until I

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tenant sole agreement problems

🕔08:22, 10.Jan 2013


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London housing solutions not paying rent

🕔03:10, 10.Jan 2013

I have two properties leased with London Housing Solutions, one property is more than 28 days passes due date, the lease states 20. If the rent due shall be 28 days in arrears at anytime the landlord may re-enter the

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Buying a house with Tenants on Assured ShortHold Lease

🕔14:39, 7.Jan 2013

Can you advice whether I should buy this property. Apparently the letting agency has them on a six month contract, and it is 5 months in. At the end of the 5 months they should leave. As a buyer of

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I've been very stupid but need to get this tenant out…

🕔13:03, 7.Jan 2013

I let a tenant move into the property with just a deposit whilst her paperwork went through with the Housing Benefit Dep at the council. I get the feeling Im being given the run around, its been over 4 weeks

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