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UK landlords experience rises in rental yeilds

🕔13:55, 7.Dec 2011

  This is the seventh consecutive quarter that yields have increased and reflects the imbalance between rental demand and supply which is continuing to push rents higher. Turning to rental prices, 19 per cent more surveyors reported rents rose rather

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UK landlords are enjoying rising rents and cheap mortgages, but the buy to let bubble may burst!

🕔11:26, 30.Nov 2011

  The number of buy-to-let mortgages has more than doubled since 2008, while average rents have reached a record high of £720 per month, according to LSL Property Services. Woolwich has become the latest lender to relax criteria for landlords,

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The housing strategy simplified

🕔20:49, 21.Nov 2011

    Housing transactions have slowed and the influx of frustrated buyers into the rental market has pushed rents up to record levels. The government says getting the housing market moving again is central to its plans for economic growth and

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Leading tenant eviction firm fully supportive of plans to make squatting illegal

🕔10:30, 14.Nov 2011

Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and referencing firm, is fully supportive of Government plans to make the practice of squatting illegal. The amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill currently being discussed in Parliament will mean that

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72% of all landlords positive about future of buy to let

🕔09:45, 14.Nov 2011

Landlords are increasingly positive about the outlook for the buy to let property market in the UK, according to specialist lender CHL Mortgages’ latest landlord Survey. Some 72% of all respondents to the survey said they were positive about the

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UK landlords are experiencing good times as rents hit record high

🕔12:41, 7.Nov 2011

Average monthly rents across 18,000 properties in England and Wales are now £718 per month – or £29 more than a year ago – according to LSL Property Services, Britain’s biggest letting agent and owner of Your Move and Reeds

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UK property market bolstered by booming rental market

🕔08:58, 3.Nov 2011

If you ignore the irony and the glaring injustices the UK property market is a wonderful land of magic and dreams at the moment. The booming rental market is fueling a boom in the buy to let sector, and this,

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Demand in rental property will see buy to let industry remain strong

🕔13:40, 20.Oct 2011

  Demand for rental properties will remain strong and continue well into 2012 says Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and referencing firm.   Since the start of the recession the buy-to-let sector has witnessed a surge in demand as

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The buy to let buzz has arisen again!

🕔13:40, 13.Oct 2011

THE Twittersphere has been all a-tweet with the revival of the buy-to-let market. With more people giving up on attempts to buy property, they are turning instead to renting and that’s opening up investment opportunities once again for landlords. The

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Renting is becoming unaffordable for most UK families say Shelter

🕔13:30, 13.Oct 2011

The Shelter Rent Watch found that average private rents were unaffordable for ordinary working families in 55% of local authorities in England. Typical rents charged by private landlords were more than a third of median take-home pay, the widely accepted

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Buy to let will not come under new EU regulation

🕔10:32, 10.Oct 2011

Last week the European Parliament’s Internal Markets and Consumer Protection committee, one of two committees scrutinising the directive, published its report on the EC’s proposals. The amendments, which the trade body has seen, have not yet been made public. In

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UK Landlords are legally obliged to carry out gas safety checks

🕔10:44, 20.Sep 2011

Landlords are putting their tenants’ lives at risk from carbon monoxide poisoning or potential explosions by failing to carry out annual gas safety checks, according to a report from Gas Safe Register. Landlords are legally required to organise an annual gas

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ARLA are right to suggest making licensing for agents and landlord mandatory

🕔12:31, 8.Sep 2011

A private landlords body has said it is disappointed the government has decided not to require landlords and agents to be professionally qualified. The Association of Residential Landlords (ARLA) runs a voluntary licensing scheme for letting agents and a money

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A third of UK landlords could be in trouble if interest rates rise

🕔11:32, 2.Sep 2011

Despite little sign of interest rate rises, they remain a concern for almost one in three landlords. Most pundits do not now believe that interest rates will go up this year, and there is even speculation of a further drop

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Housing crisis could force millions of families to rent from rogue landlords

🕔11:15, 2.Sep 2011

THE housing crisis could force millions of families to rent from rogue landlords, a charity warned yesterday. There are more than 3.4 million households in rental accommodation in England alone, up 40% in the last five years. Experts say a

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Number of homeowners predicted to plummet

🕔14:46, 30.Aug 2011

The UK housing market could be set for a “crisis”, a leading governing body has warned, unless the government take firm action to address what it calls the “chronic under-supply of homes” in the country. The National Housing Federation (NHF)

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sixth successive monthly rise as rents hit new high

🕔10:59, 24.Aug 2011

Rents rose for the sixth month in a row in July, to a new record high, according to the latest Buy‐to‐Let Index from LSL Property Services. In July, the average rent in England and Wales rose by 0.6% to £705

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Bank of England: Buy to let continues to grow

🕔16:59, 22.Jul 2011

Buy-to-let investors are making the most of first time buyers’ misfortune and snapping up houses, according to the Bank of England. In its latest monthly report on lending, the Bank said demand for buy-to-let mortgages had been rising since the

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Being a buy to let landlord: Top Tips

🕔07:28, 20.Jul 2011

Taking on a buy-to-let property and being a landlord is not just a shrewd investment move in today’s economy, it’s providing an essential service. According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) the UK’s private rented sector is being

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Rental properties snapped up within a day of being advertised as rents hit record high

🕔13:30, 18.Jul 2011

The latest LSL Property Services Buy-to-Let index shows that rental properties in London can be snapped up within a day of being advertised and there isn’t enough rental property to match the soaring demand. During the past year London rents climbed faster – 6.9%

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Average London rentals exceed £1,000 barrier

🕔11:59, 15.Jul 2011

Average rents in London through £1,000 barrier, with properties snapped up within a day of being advertised. Rents in England and Wales rose by 0.7% in June to reach a new record high of £701 per month in June, pushing

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Home shortage sees UK rental prices rise

🕔10:26, 13.Jul 2011

A shortage of homes to let has forced rent levels higher and further increased the squeeze on cash-strapped consumers, according to figures today. The Association of Residential Lettings Agents (Arla) found 56% of its members reported that rents have risen

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Dispatches: Investigating rogue UK landlords

🕔10:10, 12.Jul 2011

With the UK set to become a nation of renters, it’s rich pickings for rogue landlords at the moment. In Channel Four’s Dispatches: Landlords from Hell, Jon Snow investigated why the buoyant private rented sector is fuelling a boom in

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Landlords encouraged to focus on home improvements

🕔10:55, 7.Jul 2011

According to Halifax, UK house prices crept up last month in good news for estate agents yonder. But prices in Northern Ireland are still falling, despite rising transactions in the market’s traditional Tiggerish bounce in springtime. But despite improvements and

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Rogue operators revealed in Channel 4 documentary

🕔13:54, 6.Jul 2011

Rogue operators in last night’s Landlords from Hell documentary on C4 were shown as greedily preying on their tenants, providing squalid, damp and dangerous accommodation. Presenter Jon Snow, who used to work at a day centre for London’s homeless before

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Emigrating? Need to know how to rent your property from abroad?

🕔09:33, 1.Jul 2011

The reasons to emigrate are many, as is the timing. For some the decision is taken when retiring, for others it’s simply to start a new life somewhere else. Whatever the reason, there is the question of what to do

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Dispatches: Landlords from Hell

🕔09:10, 1.Jul 2011

In this undercover Dispatches investigation, which airs on Channel 4, Monday 4th July at 8pm, Jon Snow reports on the return of the slum landlord in 21st-century Britain. At a time when more people than ever are having to rent

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Buy to let hailed as 'revolutionary'

🕔10:35, 30.Jun 2011

The boss of a mortgage provider has hailed buy-to-let as “revolutionising” the rental market by driving up standards and providing an attractive alternative asset class for property investors. John Heron, managing director of Paragon Mortgages, made the comments as he

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Countrywide reports surge in rental market as buyers struggle set to continue

🕔10:50, 29.Jun 2011

The UK rental market surges as buyers continue to face barriers, report Countrywide. The UK residential sales market remains relatively static with modest improvements in the key market indicators as potential buyers continue to be hampered by mortgage affordability and

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The science behind the growth in the rental market

🕔14:14, 28.Jun 2011

There is a question at the moment, as if there is some sort of mystical force at play, over why the UK buy-to-let scene is thriving at unbelievable rates. It is simple economics: Hardly anyone is buying a home right

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Number of UK tenants over 2 months in arrears increased by 13% in Q2 2011

🕔14:08, 28.Jun 2011

  There were a total of 74,492 tenants in arrears of more than two months in England and Wales in Q2, up by 4% compared to Q1. The number of tenancies in arrears of this size now represents 2.1% of

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Paragon: Buy to let has revolutionised the rental market

🕔11:20, 22.Jun 2011

  Buy-to-let has revolutionised the rental market, driving up standards and choice for consumers, the managing director of Paragon Mortgages has claimed. At today’s (22 June) Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) conference, John Heron claimed that buy-to-let has also provided

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🕔11:22, 21.Jun 2011

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Social landlords: A model of discretion

🕔10:13, 21.Jun 2011

It’s his job to police all organisations that handle public data. Christopher Graham, the information commissioner, tells Simon Brandon why he’s got his eye on the housing sector. Photography by Simon Brandon ‘The housing sector needs to wake up.’ As

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Landlords urged to become aware of missed tax breaks

🕔07:34, 20.Jun 2011

Buy-to-let mortgage specialist Paragon said landlords could offset many of the costs incurred through letting property against their income, but many were unaware of the full range of costs they could claim. For example, Paragon’s research shows that more than

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IMLA: Buy to let lending regulations will have detrimental effect on private rented sector

🕔07:24, 20.Jun 2011

IMLA, the trade body representing lenders who market their products through brokers, has hit out at a planned European Directive to regulate buy-to-let mortgages in the UK. IMLA said the Directive is an inappropriate vehicle to regulate commercial lending markets

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Rents up 4.4% over last 12 months

🕔10:22, 19.Jun 2011

The average rent in England and Wales increased by 0.5% in May to reach £696, according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services. A man died while taking part in the Great North Swim, the organisers confirmed. The

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Proposed energy bill amendment could force landlords to refurbish

🕔09:59, 17.Jun 2011

Landlords will be forced to refurbish hundreds of thousands of the UK’s most draughty and energy-inefficient homes or find themselves blocked from renting them out, under proposals unveiled on Tuesday. The government has bowed to pressure from campaigners and brought

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ThinkTank: 'Number of homeowners set to fall by 2 million over next decade'

🕔09:03, 16.Jun 2011

The number of people who own homes is set to fall by almost two million by the middle of the next decade, leaving ever more people with limited assets and dependent on the state in later life, a major new

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More than half of all private landlords planning to reduce lets to housing benefit tenants

🕔08:52, 16.Jun 2011

The National Landlords Association questioned 455 private landlords with LHA properties and discovered that 58 per cent said they would have to cut the number of homes they let to benefit recipients. Of those planning a cut, 90 per cent

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UK rental yeilds reach record high

🕔10:53, 15.Jun 2011

Rents rose by 0.8% compared with the previous month and were 4.4% higher than a year earlier, letting agency network LSL Property Services said. This meant that, on average, landlords were charging nearly £30 a month more than a year

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London leads the way as rent rises are predicted to continue

🕔08:52, 13.Jun 2011

Increased tenant demand and low levels of rental properties coming into the market means rental prices are set to rise further, surveyors have predicted. It is more bad news for tenants, who have already seen a 40% increase in rents

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New lettings index launched by major firm

🕔09:26, 7.Jun 2011

A major new national lettings index launches today, providing facts about rents, tenant demand and regional differences and trends in the buy-to-let market. It also quantifies people moving into rental accommodation from home ownership. The Homelet Rental Index, launched by

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Uk landlords believe tenant demand will rise further

🕔19:41, 6.Jun 2011

Some 49 per cent of UK-based landlords believe that now is a good time to invest in new property. In comparison, just 19 per cent of those questioned by LSL Property Services plc are looking to reduce their portfolios. Demand

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Becoming a landlord offers so many benefits

🕔16:16, 6.Jun 2011

Good deals are available for those with enough money to invest in a buy to let arrangement.  This is especially a good target area if you are planning a remortgage anytime soon.  The fact that the base rate remains extremely

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Renting: Pros now outweigh the cons

🕔09:01, 4.Jun 2011

The idea that paying rent each month is dead money is outdated and untrue, according to one industry figure. Chief executive officer of Firstrung Paul Holmes stated that it is important to see past this idea and weigh up the

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Most UK residents are set on renting era

🕔12:57, 3.Jun 2011

The report, entitled The Reality of Generation Rent Perceptions of the First-Time Buyer Market, found that 77 per cent of 8000 20 to 45 year olds still aspire to own their own home, but 64 per cent believe they had

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Top 5 tips for creating the perfect rental property inventory

🕔11:51, 1.Jun 2011

Top 5 tips for creating the perfect rental property inventory… When renting out your property, it’s important to complete a comprehensive inventory before your tenants take residence. Failure to take stock of your property and its contents could leave you

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UK property rental values hit record high

🕔10:22, 1.Jun 2011

The strongest April on record in the rental market has taken the cost of renting to its highest ever level. A spring surge in demand increased the average rental cost in the UK by 0.8% last month, with renters looking

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Rental Yields: What you should be charging your tenant

🕔08:32, 1.Jun 2011

Potential landlords entering the buy-to-let market will have a variety of reasons for doing so, but ultimately they will all want to achieve the same thing – a high rental yield. Whether you are letting a property as a way

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Landlords have never had it so good

🕔08:22, 1.Jun 2011

Landlords have seldom had it so good. A lack of stock, a dearth of mortgages and instability in the market has seen some home owners struggling to contain their glee. Matthew Martin, of Your Move, says that despite 14 years

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Renting is set to become the British way

🕔09:34, 31.May 2011

A generation of young British adults is close to giving up hope of ever owning their own place to live. A startling new survey reveals that while the great majority of young Britons from “Generation Rent” would like to become

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London letting agency under police investigation

🕔09:48, 27.May 2011

Police are continuing their investigations into a lettings agency after landlords complained that thousands of pounds owed to them had allegedly not been paid. Detectives from Kingston CID are investigating the claims from 15 landlords against Jins Lettings in New

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Paragon notices positive turn in buy to let

🕔12:14, 26.May 2011

First-time buyers are being squeezed out of the housing market and forced to rent for longer, pushing rents to their highest level in years. As a result Paragon’s customers, the UK’s landlords, are better able to pay back their mortgages.

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Private rental market to continue to prosper landlords

🕔08:35, 23.May 2011

The high demand for rented accommodation means landlords will enjoy their current returns for another five years or so, it has been claimed. Director at LandlordZONE Tom Entwistle said that the future of the private rental market looks bright and

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Rising rents taking toll on UK couples

🕔13:06, 19.May 2011

Data from also said that one in nine renters looking to flatshare will be living with a partner and that the demand for rooms for couples has increased four times since a year ago. The market has responded to

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London rents rise for 20th consecutive month

🕔09:10, 19.May 2011

Rent in London is continuing to increase, according to research by Knight Frank, which found that the price of leasing a home in the UK capital went up by 0.4% in April, the 20th consecutive month of increases. The annual

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🕔08:54, 19.May 2011

The statistics surrounding home ownership are worrying. A new report by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation has reported that just one in four couples will be able to afford to buy a home in the future. It warns that Britain is

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Rising tuition fees may spark reinvention of student landlords

🕔18:15, 18.May 2011

Student landlords may need to reinvent themselves over the coming months to accommodate for changes in the circumstances of their student tenants, says Landlord Assist. Recently the nationwide tenant eviction and rent recovery group warned that the buy-to-let sector could

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Fire Safety Legislation warning to landlords

🕔14:46, 18.May 2011

Landlords and agents of blocks of flats are being warned to make sure they are conforming with fire safety legislation in the wake of a blaze in nearby Scarborough. Landlord Mr McFerren was fined £5,500 and ordered to pay £2,400

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What is buy to let insurance?

🕔18:56, 17.May 2011

If you’re thinking about renting a property to tenants, you’ll also need to think about purchasing buy to let insurance. Also known as landlord insurance, this type of cover is specially designed to meet the insurance needs of rental properties.

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This is Money: Tops tips for buy to let landlords

🕔20:23, 16.May 2011

Poor old buy-to-let. Once upon a time it was David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and Kate Moss all rolled into one – making headlines on a daily basis with every move endlessly analysed. Buy-to-let is no longer the hot property it

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The unlikely comeback of buy to let

🕔10:50, 16.May 2011

The financial crisis was supposed to spell the end for buy-to-let mortgages, which turned thousands of Brits into amateur property tycoons. In fact, the 150 billion pounds ($243 billion) market is coming back; lending was 40% higher year-on-year in the

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Strong demand in rental market and improved finance good news for landlords

🕔09:40, 10.May 2011

Strong demand in the rental market is combining with improved availability of mortgage finance for landlords. And that’s good news for the buy-to-let market. A series of surveys has highlighted the surge in demand for rented property in recent months.

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almost 50% of landlords report increase in tenant demand

🕔14:58, 9.May 2011

Almost half of landlords reported that tenant demand rose during Q1 2011, Paragon’s Private Rented Sector Trends Report reveals. The research shows 49% of landlords experienced growing levels of demand during the period, up from 40% in Q4 2010 and

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L&G: UK buy to let has great potential

🕔14:08, 9.May 2011

A recent report by Legal & General Mortgage Club is mainly focused on the future of the British buy to let and rental property sector as well as its latest trends. As such, Legal & General suggests that the British

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Buy to let market is growing and developing

🕔14:43, 4.May 2011

According to the Index, this increased competition is bringing about new product ranges and greater choice for landlords, as well as better schemes being offered to buy-to-let investors enabling them to borrow more at higher gearings. TBMC produces the Landlord Profile

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Landlord insurance for UK landlords is a must in todays climate

🕔13:23, 26.Apr 2011

The majority of UK homeowners are fully aware of the importance of good building and contents insurance; providing protection should things ever go wrong. If you own a property which is not used as your home but as a rental

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UK tax changes may encourage investment funds to become residential landlords

🕔13:10, 26.Apr 2011

A key move was made by Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne last month when he announced plans to lower the stamp duty tax on for buyers of multiple residential properties by basing the rate on the average price

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Rental yields continue to rise

🕔09:44, 18.Apr 2011

March saw the cost of being a tenant rise for the second consecutive month, according to research. Lettings agent network LSL Property Services revealed that the average rent charged by buy-to-let property owners in England and Wales rose by 0.4%

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University fee hike could effect landlords

🕔18:18, 16.Apr 2011

Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and rent collection firm, is concerned that rises in tuition fees could have a damaging effect on private landlords with properties in ‘university towns’. Following the government’s decision to raise tuition fees by 2012, English

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Buy to let market continuing to blossom

🕔16:22, 16.Apr 2011

The buy to let market is now a market worth returning to for investors, as returns are increasing to as much as 8%. Southampton is strong in this regard with a yield on buy to lets of 8.12%, according to

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Buy to let predicted to explode again after predicted tax cuts

🕔10:05, 12.Apr 2011

The Coalition has identified buy-to-let as a way of solving Britain’s housing shortage and wants to attract investment into residential property by major institutions, such as pension funds, and landlords. Buy-to-let has a controversial reputation after investors piled into the

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Three UK landlords are in a battle to avoid paying VAT

🕔16:53, 11.Apr 2011

Bromford, Orbit and Midland Heart believe European law allows them to set up a separate company to provide services, such as repairs and maintenance for other organisations, without being eligible for VAT. In a landmark move, the associations, through law

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Focus: buy to let mortgages

🕔15:30, 11.Apr 2011

Buy-to-let mortgages have become available in the United Kingdom in the late nineties. A buy-to-let mortgage is a mortgage used by landlords to borrow funds for buying a property with a view to let it out it to tenants. For

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Average rental yields rise again but tenant arrears increase

🕔15:50, 22.Mar 2011

A recent research by LSL Property Services showed that rents in England and Wales rose by 0.2% in February, to £684. This represents a 3.9% increase from 2010 and means that average yield on buy to let properties in UK

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Cost of renting goes up

🕔16:02, 21.Mar 2011

Tenants signing new contracts suffered a small rise of 0.2% in rents during February 2011, pushing the average rent in England and Wales to £684 per month – 3.9% higher than a year ago, according to the UK’s biggest lettings

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Landlords looking to benefit from increasing tenant demand

🕔19:40, 10.Mar 2011

This year and next year both look set to be good times for buy-to-let (BTL) landlords but tenants will have to compete for the best rental property. According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA), demand for rental property

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Website launched to shine light on bad tenants

🕔15:15, 10.Mar 2011

Website has been launched to protect the nation’s landlords, local authorities and letting agents from nightmare tenants. Lorna Rose, of Cricklade, has joined forces with two property experts to create TenantID to provide information about the history of prospective tenants

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How the UK buy to let market is being driven by changes in society

🕔11:54, 7.Mar 2011

Over the past few years, landlords have embraced buy-to-let as an investment opportunity, but it hasn’t always been that way. Demographic trends have played a major role in the changing status of renting a property – the profile of the

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Rental demand will continue to outstrip supply during 2011 and 2012

🕔17:51, 6.Mar 2011

Demand for private rental sector (PRS) property will continue to outstrip supply for much of 2011 and into next year, the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) claims. In a survey of members, ARLA found that 59% of agents believe

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Rents continuing to rise

🕔21:18, 5.Mar 2011

Residential property rents in the UK increased at a rapid pace in the three months to the end of January, as falling supply of rental properties and strong tenant demand continued to drive prices upwards, according to a report published

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Renting has become a more culturally acceptable lifestyle choice

🕔14:36, 5.Mar 2011

Dev Malle, sales and marketing director at Personal Touch Financial Services, discusses why buy-to-let has become such an important part of the UK market. Over the past few years, landlords have embraced buy-to-let as an investment opportunity, but it hasn’t

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Landlord fined £20k for breach of FOUR fire safety regulations

🕔14:47, 4.Mar 2011

Hitesh Mashru, of The Fairway, admitted breaching four fire safety regulations after the blaze, above the Thai Sunset in Bushey High Street on April 24 last year. An electrical fault from a down lighter sparked the fire, which ripped through

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Landlord prosecuted for failing to adhere to gas safety laws

🕔10:36, 4.Mar 2011

Michael J Smith failed to maintain gas appliances and pipework or get them safety-checked within 12 months at the Conisbrough property, and did not give his tenant the necessary Landlord’s Gas Safety Record. When served with an Improvement Notice by

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There is light at the end of the tunnel for the buy-to-let market

🕔13:59, 3.Mar 2011

The hardest hit over the past few years has been the foundation of any healthy property market, first time buyer with as many as 800,000 reported as having been priced out of the market since 2007. Naturally falling prices and

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'limbo' landlords being forced to let their properties get hit with huge fees

🕔17:56, 2.Mar 2011

The fragile housing market has meant some owners must let their home because they are unable to sell. They might need to buy or rent elsewhere to relocate for work, or buy a bigger house for a growing family or

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Increasing landlord investment aids falling rents

🕔20:15, 27.Feb 2011

The latest buy-to-let Index from LSL Property Services found the average rent in England and Wales dropped by 0.3% to £682 per month. This is the second successive month rents have fallen on the Index. The average yield fell slightly

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The rise of the "limbo-landlord"

🕔10:02, 22.Feb 2011

The shortage of private rental stock that has buoyed rents in recent months could ease if Rightmove’s outlook for 2011 proves accurate. Yesterday the property portal reported that sellers coming to market increased prices 3.1% in February, compared with a

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Despite slight Jan falls, 8% rent rises are expected this year

🕔10:39, 21.Feb 2011

First-time buyers who can’t yet afford to buy will be dealt a further blow with rent rises of as much as 8% expected, according to Savills. The estate agent is predicting further rises of 8% across the most desirable London

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Rents fall for second consecutive month

🕔10:33, 21.Feb 2011

More investors have been encouraged to join the buy-to-let market in the recent past, which has helped push residential rents down for a second consecutive month, research by LSL Property Services has found. The average rental cost fell slightly in

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The old 'Average Buyer' is the UK landlords new 'Average Tenant'

🕔09:48, 21.Feb 2011

New sellers coming to market this month mimicked those of February last year, raising their asking prices by 3.1% in the month to an average of £230,030, leaving year-on-year prices virtually the same too (+0.3%). With lenders stating that they

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Landlords advised on how to make properties more energy efficient

🕔12:34, 16.Feb 2011

Residential landlords have been handed advice on ways that they can make their properties more energy efficient. The Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) has revealed a number of ways that owners can take advantage of the government’s new Green

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Energy efficiency advice issued for UK landlords

🕔14:30, 11.Feb 2011

The Government’s Green Deal will encourage landlords to take advantage of up front financing to make their properties more energy efficient, where tenants request improvements be made. For those landlords who don’t comply however, the Government has stated that it

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Why first time buyers are turning to the rental market

🕔17:21, 5.Feb 2011

With the property market in the state that it is and the mortgage market looking no better ahead of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) mortgage market review many are turning to the private rental market. Many first time buyers have

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Government ministers urged to liase with landlords in benefit crisis

🕔09:15, 5.Feb 2011

The new figures showed that almost nine in ten landlords (88.3%) would not reduce their rents to claimants, despite the raft of cuts to the housing benefit received by tenants announced by the government. This flies in the face of government’s key

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Is this the right time to be a buy to let landlord?

🕔11:50, 1.Feb 2011

Stagnant house prices and increasing demand from tenants could provide a good opportunity for landlords. With many potential first-time buyers unable to get on the housing ladder, demand for rented properties is high. So would-be landlords with plenty of capital

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Rental yields fall 1.2% for first time in 11 months

🕔10:29, 28.Jan 2011

Property rents in the UK have fallen for the first time in 11 months, dropping by 1.2% in December to an average £684 per month, according to a new report. Rents fell for the first time since January 2010, according

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Rental demand will continue to hold up during economic downturn

🕔11:32, 27.Jan 2011

Individuals with landlords property insurance may be pleased to hear an expert has predicted rental demand will continue to “hold up”. Tom Entwistle, director at, said this is because Britain’s ongoing economic problems will support tenant demand. There will

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Renting is the preferred choice as UK sales market slumps

🕔13:24, 24.Jan 2011

In the latest fourth quarter survey from the Association of Residential Letting Agents, some 71% of landlords asked said they felt renting was more popular now than a year ago. In 2009 the figure was just 35%. And, when asked

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