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Arrears set to rise as tenants using credit cards to pay rent

🕔08:26, 13.Jan 2011

Tenant defaults could soar over the next year amid reports that many have borrowed money on a credit card to pay their mortgage or rent over the past year, warns leading tenant eviction and rent collection firm Landlord Assist.  

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Reluctant landlords: Tips to let your property

🕔10:52, 10.Jan 2011

  IF your home is for sale but you’re at the end of your tether trying to get the price you want, you could find yourself among the growing band of reluctant landlords. While there has been some evidence that

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Landlords confident about their prospects in 2011

🕔10:43, 7.Jan 2011

Buy to let mortgage holders can be confident about their prospects for the coming 12 months, according to Paragon. Nigel Terrington, chief executive of the group, pointed out that the lack of finance currently being seen in the UK is

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Landlords: How to raise the rent you charge

🕔12:29, 5.Jan 2011

For a free Section 13 Notice (Increasing Rent Form) please email We will email you the editable document by return. This document will be available on the website to download free before the end of Jan 2011.   With

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41% of landlords looking to increase rents in 2011

🕔08:57, 5.Jan 2011

Research from buy-to-let specialist Paragon Group has revealed that 41% of the landlords it polled are planning to increase rents during the next 12 months. A further 55% plan to keep rents at 2010 levels and just 4% are looking

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Rents rose for the 10th consecutive month

🕔15:27, 17.Dec 2010

Rents rose for the 10th consecutive month according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services plc. In November, the average UK rent rose to £692 per month – squeaking ahead of October’s record high of £691. However, the

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Social landlords will become accredited 'Green Deal Providers'

🕔16:36, 9.Dec 2010

This will allow social landlords to compete for a share of a £7 billion a year private sector market by financing and delivering energy efficiency measures in 26 million existing homes. Social landlords have spent the last few months unsure

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Top 5 tips for budding buy to let landlords

🕔11:44, 6.Dec 2010

That said, the rental yields can be worth it, particularly if you pick the right area. Knight Frank reported this week that student property could be particularly lucrative, with total returns hitting an average of 13.5pc. However, the national average,

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Vacant periods continue falling in buy-to-let sector

🕔13:09, 2.Dec 2010

The length of vacant periods in Britain’s buy-to-let sector continued to decline, according to figures released by LSL Property Services, suggesting that demand for rental homes remains high in much of the UK. LSL found that the number of days

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Buy to let sector will remain 'strong, sustainable and profitable'

🕔15:10, 29.Nov 2010

It is clear that there is a somewhat renewed sense of optimism and positivity about the buy-to-let sector at present. Those who not so very long ago were lining up to suggest it was going the way of the dodo

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RICS: Buy to let being supported by pension crisis

🕔12:42, 26.Nov 2010

The UK buy-to-let market is being supported by the ongoing pensions crisis. That is according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics), which finds that property investors are holding onto properties for the long term to support their retirement.

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Rents continue to increase as arrears improve

🕔11:28, 24.Nov 2010

Residential landlords in the UK are having to deal with fewer tenants who have fallen into arrears, according to new statistics released by LSL Property Services. While rents continued to increase in October by an average of 0.4 percent, the

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Mortgage famine pays for landlords

🕔12:54, 23.Nov 2010

Buy to let landlords are big winners from the mortgage famine, enjoying rental yields above 6 per cent and rising while more than half of all tenants feel “trapped”, according to new research by the property website Rightmove. It claims demand

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How the rental market gave birth to new era of scammers

🕔11:38, 12.Nov 2010

If Harry Harris looks unhappy there is a good reason – he and five close friends lost £1,600 each in an online rental scam which is becoming increasingly common in large cities across the country.   Harris and his colleagues,

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Government pledges to shut the door on squatters

🕔12:00, 9.Nov 2010

The government has pledged to “shut the door to squatters” by educating homeowners on their rights when their properties are invaded. Housing minister Grant Shapps today launched an online guide for property holders, which sets out the rights and responsibilities

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Landlords urged to make their rental properties eco-friendly

🕔10:28, 8.Nov 2010

Landlords are being strongly urged to renovate their rental properties to make them environmentally friendly as part of a new strategy entitled the Green Deal, which has been formulated by climate change secretary Chris Huhne, who recently unveiled details of the

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Deputy Prime Minister introduces new Green Deal for households and businesses

🕔10:45, 4.Nov 2010

Plans for a new Green Deal for households and businesses were outlined today by Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, as he spoke of the Government’s “quiet green revolution” to create jobs and protect the environment. The Deputy Prime Minister was

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Praise for newly unveiled Green Deal which effects landlords

🕔22:52, 3.Nov 2010

The head of campaigns for WWF-UK has applauded the government’s decision to include the private rented sector in its recently-unveiled Green Deal, which was announced yesterday (November 2nd). This will demand that those with buy to let buildings insurance make

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is 'Build to Let' going to become the UK way?

🕔11:06, 1.Nov 2010

Iain Hutchinson is a London property developer and landlord who thinks that Britain’s property owning democracy for all is at an end and that the future for millions is private rented accommodation provided by big City institutions. He is not

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Landlord faces punishment over fire alarm failure

🕔11:00, 1.Nov 2010

BAY MP Adrian Sanders’ parliamentary battle to introduce laws forcing landlords to fit fire alarms to their properties has been praised by the county’s fire chief. Mr Sanders’ Fire Safety (Protection of Tenants) Bill is a direct reaction to last

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recent times has seen the rise of the non-professional landlord

🕔09:46, 29.Oct 2010

The flooding of the buy-to-let market by non-professional landlords in recent times has led to the sector experiencing a mini-boom, which presents lenders and advisers with a series of challenges. After emerging from the worst recession and housing downturn in

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'Meet with your tenant at end of tenancy' advises Chief Exec

🕔10:11, 25.Oct 2010

Landlords have been handed advice on how to avoid disputes over deposits with their tenants. Eddie Hooker, chief executive of, suggested landlords meet with tenants when they are moving out of a property. He stated that this means they

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Private landlords are biggest winners from cutbacks in affordable housing targets

🕔11:44, 21.Oct 2010

Private landlords will be the biggest winners from cutbacks in affordable housing targets, experts said today. Plans to build up to 150,000 affordable homes over the next four years are lower than the Housing and Communities Agency’s previous target of

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UK landlords should take notice of single-room rate extension

🕔11:33, 21.Oct 2010

The National Housing Federation (NHF), which represents England’s housing associations, is warning that the extension of the single-room rate, announced in yesterday’s Spending Review, will mean that a private-rental tenant aged under 35 will only receive housing benefit if living

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Calls for letting agents to be governed by consumer legislation

🕔12:25, 19.Oct 2010

With government cuts hitting the availability of public sector housing, Hamer said that “it is now more than ever imperative” that landlords and tenants gained protection. Hamer claimed that the coalition “could easily gain a quick win” by expanding the

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Countrywide Surveying Services is appointed as the only panel manager for The Swift Group.

🕔11:57, 19.Oct 2010 will utilise its unique Tablet PC technology to undertake all The Swift Group valuations, enabling onsite doorstep sign-off, which will ensure rapid turnaround times for clients. Chris Shaw, Chief Surveyor at Countrywide, said: “We’re delighted to be appointed as

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Campaign launched to speed up eviction process

🕔08:52, 11.Oct 2010

A campaign has been launched for Parliament to change the law to speed up the eviction process and give landlords more right of access to their own properties. It is being spearheaded by Landlord Action and is backed by the

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Lack of housing supply to push up rental prices

🕔10:37, 9.Oct 2010

A surge in demand for rented property over the summer in the UK has outstripped rental supply, new research shows. Tenant registrations soared over July and August, finishing 47% up on May and the number of potential renters in August

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Landlords adopting cautious approach to expansion plans, reveals Landlord Assist

🕔10:54, 8.Oct 2010

Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and rent collection firm, believes that landlords are adopting a more cautious approach to the way they operate as a result of the recession.   During the downturn many landlords suffered significant losses caused

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Rental scammers and rogue landlords

🕔16:05, 3.Oct 2010

The private rental market has grown rapidly in the past decade. And with the mortgage market still restrictive it is set to increase more, leaving tenants even vulnerable to the potential pitfalls of renting. The issue of rogue landlords has

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Landlords missing out by rejecting LHA tenants

🕔08:16, 30.Sep 2010

Many landlords are missing out on a significant percentage of the rental market by refusing to accept tenants who are in receipt of housing benefit, says leading rent collection and tenant eviction firm, Landlord Assist.   Under the current Local

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The Landlord Association on BBC Radio KENT

🕔09:19, 27.Sep 2010

Dean Evans, Membership Director at The Landlord Association appeared on BBC Radio KENT this morning offering advice to landlords with lodgers. Listen to the recording here:

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Landlord Expert in running for private rented sector Oscars.

🕔14:10, 21.Sep 2010 (official website of The Landlord association) has been shortlisted for the ‘Best Landlord Website’ during Novembers Landlord & Letting Awards.    The Landlord & Letting Awards is the premier nationwide private rented sector awards in the UK. Trophies will

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Landlords submit their ideas for reform to the government over private rented sector

🕔09:21, 21.Sep 2010

Their submission – to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg – comes in response to the government’s invitation to identify laws that should be removed or changed to streamline the running of a business. “And, in the private rented sector, that

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August rises see rent rates hit highest level since September 2008

🕔10:50, 17.Sep 2010

According to LSL’s figures the average UK rent is £686, 2.5 per cent higher than the same time last year and follows seven consecutive months of rises and an increase of 0.5 per cent in July. The average yield rose

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New rental laws mean more red tape for landlords

🕔10:19, 6.Sep 2010

Until now many tenants paying more than £25,000 a year (that is the equivalent of about £2,085 a month) fell outside the AST classification, but from October 1 the threshold increases to £100,000. From that date onwards any individual tenant

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84% of landlords see arrears remain stable over past 12 months

🕔10:26, 3.Sep 2010

Despite fears over the impact of the recession, and six consecutive months of rent rises, 84% of landlords saw arrears remain stable or fall in the past 12 months.  Just 16% of landlords reported more tenant arrears cases in the

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Rising rent due to homes shortage in Oxfordshire

🕔12:11, 27.Aug 2010

  Tenants in Oxfordshire are having to pay higher rents due to a shortage of properties, a study has found.   The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) said more than a third of agents have seen an increase in

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Best buy to let rates still out of reach for most landlords

🕔09:56, 26.Aug 2010

The best UK buy to let rates are still remaining just out of reach for many British landlords, with fees demanded for buy to let mortgages staying incredibly high for the best rates. The surprising thing is that the number

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Rents up 2.3% on the year as rates near previous high peak

🕔09:40, 23.Aug 2010

  The average UK rent is now £676, 2.3% higher than a year ago. This rise follows the increase of 1.4% in June. Rents are now just £12 per month shy of their peak two years ago. With the increase

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UK rents continue to increase

🕔12:35, 20.Aug 2010

Landlords pushed up rents for the sixth consecutive month, raising them by 0.5% in July, according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services. The average UK rent is now £676, 2.3% higher than a year ago. This rise follows

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Student rents rising sharply, new research reveals

🕔10:37, 11.Aug 2010

Student rents have risen sharply during 2010, according to new research. Figures from (afs) show the average weekly student rent now stands at £65.30, 4.3% higher than last year (£62.61). The previous two years’ increases were just 1.6% and

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Andreas Panayiotou backs buy-to-let again

🕔12:05, 6.Aug 2010

He may be splashing out £60 million to help develop a chic west London hotel with a butterfly house in the reception, but Andreas Panayiotou still has an eye on the buy-to-let market that was the foundation of his fortune.

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The Times: Figures point towards improving picture for landlords

🕔12:34, 28.Jul 2010

  Latest figures from property agents all point towards an improving picture for landlords, as tenant demand is outstripping the number of rental properties available in the market – pushing rents up. A record 50,480 new tenants registered for rental

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A new guide for landlords and tenants

🕔11:06, 23.Jul 2010

Many of the disputes surrounding tenant deposits have to do with the state in which the rental unit is returned to the landlord and disagreements over possible damage. According to Eddie Hooker, MyDeposits’ managing director, many deposit disputes stem from

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Buying a home beats renting in 74% of UK locations

🕔15:12, 22.Jul 2010

First-time buyers typically compete with landlords for the same properties and the other side of the coin is that for investors rents are higher in 74% of locations than the cost of buying, according to Zoopla, the property information group. 

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UK landlords concerned about rents not covering mortgages

🕔12:08, 19.Jul 2010

Last week the Bank of England held the base rate at 0.5% for the 16th consecutive month, which is just as well as according to a poll by flat share website,, four out of ten UK landlords are receiving

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More tenants in need of homes than landlords have available say ARLA

🕔11:59, 19.Jul 2010

Covering the second three months of this year, the latest quarterly survey shows that 70% of ARLA agents say there are more tenants than properties available. This is an increase from 59% on the first quarter and compares with 24%

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Crackdown on unlicensed HMO landlords

🕔11:36, 19.Jul 2010

Now the council, which has so far issued 1,650 licenses to landlords of multiple occupation homes, is hunting down landlords who have failed to register for their documents and are therefore operating illegally. A warning a landlord operating anywhere in

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Lack of finance for landlords predicted to effect student accomodation

🕔12:16, 15.Jul 2010

As the academic year draws to an end, students are already turning their thoughts towards next year’s accommodation.   But Graham Kinnear, MD of Landlord Assist, is warning students that their search for suitable accommodation will be far more difficult than

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Research shows landlords confidence growing

🕔13:35, 14.Jul 2010

Research carried out by rental website Upad suggests that a clear majority of residential landlords are positive about the buy-to-let sector’s prospects in the near future. Upad found that 60% of all landlords have a higher degree of confidence in

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Poor inventories 'costing landlords £12 million a year'

🕔11:14, 12.Jul 2010

Poor inventories are costing UK property landlords some £12 million a year in lost claims as a lack of prepared evidence works against them in the event of a deposit dispute, according to the industry. Since the introduction of the

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Landlord admits to gas safety check failures

🕔17:09, 8.Jul 2010

  The inspection of the Newcastle-based housing provider also discovered tenants’ complaints weren’t properly dealt with, their calls went unanswered because of a lack of staff and information aimed at helping residents was out-of-date. Priding themselves on providing “a diverse

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Nationwide figures suggest second wind for buy to let

🕔10:05, 1.Jul 2010

House price growth has stalled, according to Nationwide’s June index figures, yet estate agents report that residential rents are rising. Could the housing market be undergoing a structural shift towards renting, rather than owning property? If so, it’s bad news

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Landlords issued warning over 'unfit' properties

🕔10:46, 30.Jun 2010

The city’s magistrates court has fined a letting agency and a private landlord £1,300 after they failed to bring a property “up to standard” despite a series of warnings, the Peterborough Evening Telegraph reported. The landlord, Asad Javaid of Alexandra

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Housing market 'not looking good'

🕔18:39, 29.Jun 2010

A total of 49,815 loans were approved for people buying a property during the month, down on both the average for the previous six months and the recent peak of 59,338 reached last November. “It is not looking good for

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Budget News: CGT tax rise lets landlords off the hook

🕔22:13, 24.Jun 2010

Many buy-to-let landlords and second homeowners will be breathing a sigh of relief after the much-trailed increase in capital gains tax (CGT) proved more modest than some had feared. However, affordable housing campaigners accused the new chancellor of “bottling it”.

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Budget News: Landlords warned of painful times ahead

🕔10:18, 22.Jun 2010

  According to, the prospect of higher capital gains tax (CGT) on second homes and rental properties is one concern, while a rise in VAT could increase costs across a number of areas, including letting and inventory agents’ fees,

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Chancellor must protect landlords from CGT blow

🕔18:49, 21.Jun 2010

  ARLA is calling on the Government to treat private rented property as an ‘entrepreneurial business activity’ for Capital Gains Tax purposes in the upcoming emergency Budget. According to ARLA, increases in the rate of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) could

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Landlords under the taxman's gaze

🕔11:32, 21.Jun 2010

The warning comes ahead of a widely predicted rise in capital gains tax, which is expected to be announced in the emergency Budget. Under the Freedom of Information Act, accountants UHY Hacker Young found the taxman retrieved an extra 23

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UK landlords register scrapped by new government

🕔13:34, 15.Jun 2010

Housing Minister Grant Shapps told the House of Commons that the register, proposed in a report almost two years ago by York academic Julie Rugg, would not go ahead. Earlier in the week, he had suggested that a national register

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UK landlord and letting agent regulation proposals have been ditched

🕔16:44, 11.Jun 2010

The government announced yesterday that plans for increased regulation on letting agents and landlords will be scrapped. Grant Shapps, the Conservative housing minister, told Parliament that new rules drawn up in response to the Rugg Review will not be implemented.

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UK buy to let is on the rise again!

🕔15:59, 8.Jun 2010

The buy-to-let market is showing signs of life again as smaller lenders return to the fray, but a proposed hike in capital gains tax and cautious capital markets will add to the hurdles the sector faces. The buy-to-let sector was emblematic

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UK landlords suffer twice the amount of rent arrears than 2 years ago

🕔16:36, 2.Jun 2010

Rent arrears have doubled in the past two years, with more than a third of landlords reporting that tenants have fallen behind with payments, according to an in-depth survey. A total of 34% of private landlords have experienced arrears problems

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Capital Gains Tax rise will cripple UK buy to let market

🕔13:40, 1.Jun 2010

Over the past decade, tens of thousands of people have invested in bricks and mortar because they have lost faith in the stock market and personal pensions. Many have used buy-to-lets as a means to gain an income, in the

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Latest RICS survey shows rents are rising again

🕔14:31, 27.May 2010

  This more positive picture for rents, as reported by the RICS Lettings Survey, can be attributed, in part, to the continued decline in the supply of both flats and houses in the marketplace. 12% more chartered surveyors reported a

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The buy to let sector is clearly improving

🕔11:37, 20.May 2010

Research from shows that the number of buy-to-let mortgage deals available across the market has grown by 70% since September last year, to stand at 304 products. That a number of these deals are at higher loan to value

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Capital gains tax convinces some landlords to sell

🕔11:25, 20.May 2010

  According to a report in The Guardian and figures released by James Hyman, a real estate specialist and partner at Cluttons estate agency, the number of residential landlords seeking to sell some of their properties before the government increases

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How will the new government effect the buy to let sector?

🕔20:03, 12.May 2010

ncoming chancellor George Osborne has just 50 days to present an emergency budget in which he plans to raise capital gains tax from 18% to 40% (or possibly 50%) on non-business assets, news that may send buy-to-let investors into panic mode.  

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Landlord jailed after blaze left tenant with less than one percent chance of survival

🕔17:33, 10.May 2010

Only pioneering skin grafting techniques saved Layla Skalli’s life after she suffered 80 per cent deep tissue burns all over her body following the blaze at her Norwich flat.   Virtually all the skin below her neck was destroyed by

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Tenant suffers 90% burns as landlord failed to fit fire alarm

🕔12:18, 10.May 2010

LAYLA SKALLII’S dreams lie in tatters – her life and family destroyed because her millionaire landlord failed to fit her shabby flat with a smoke alarm. The pretty student was given virtually no chance of survival after suffering 90 per

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Landlords should take advantage of hung parliament

🕔10:52, 10.May 2010

That is the view of David Plaister, MD of LetAssured UK, the property management company set up by landlords for landlords. “Figures released by mortgage lenders indicate that house prices fell by 0.1% in April,” said Plaister. “I think that

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Death of the amateur landlord?

🕔09:37, 6.May 2010

Landlords in the UK should adopt a proactive and professional approach to marketing their properties if they want to achieve business success and avoid losing money. This was one of the main conclusions drawn from a one–hour interactive, online broadcast

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Void periods improving for landlords

🕔11:15, 5.May 2010

  In March 2010 some 52% of landlords had experienced voids in the previous 12 month period, down from 55% in the last three months of 2009, the research shows. There was also a fall in the average duration of voids from

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Landlord fined £8k by environmental health

🕔11:06, 26.Apr 2010

One landlord in the area has been fined £8,366 after his property was deemed to be dangerous by environmental health officers, the Swindon Advertiser reported. A 2009 inspection by Swindon Council officers revealed that the four-storey property, which housed seven

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Landlords optimistic but some worry around corner

🕔19:54, 23.Apr 2010

While the most recent news concerning the buy-to-let sector provides reason for optimism, particularly due to the high demand for rental properties among tenants, there are signs that residential landlords may soon face more competition and an even more challenging

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Landlord returns improving as rents rise

🕔14:47, 20.Apr 2010

  According to the lettings agent network, the average annual return from investing in buy-to-let stood at 13.3% in March, with the typical landlord seeing a return of £20,580 over the past year. Rents increase by an average 0.1%, to

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Landlord insurance is a must in today's rental market

🕔11:33, 19.Apr 2010

In today’s rental market it is extremely important for landlords to ensure they have adequate cover for their property, not just to insure against possible property claims, but liability claims as well. At Ember JD, a specialist insurance broker for

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Regulation and red tape for the modern day landlord

🕔09:48, 13.Apr 2010

In a recently published report the Treasury states that it has decided to consider making some changes to the form of buy-to-let regulation it originally envisaged. Under the original proposals the whole buy-to-let market was to be regulated by the

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Campaign group PricedOut has attacked tax-breaks for buy-to-let investors

🕔10:46, 12.Apr 2010

The Treasury acknowledged privately as early as 2004 that a burgeoning buy-to-let market could be crowding out first-time buyers, according to a government report released by campaigners who lambast the authorities for allowing the landlord boom to continue regardless. The

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Landlords to vote conservative

🕔15:10, 7.Apr 2010

According to the results of the most recent Young Index poll, a significant majority of residential landlords prefer the policies adopted by the Conservatives, over what Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Labour Party has planned. When asked which of the two

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Tricky times not over yet for landlords

🕔13:24, 6.Apr 2010

Despite low interest rates and signs of stability in the housing market the remainder of 2010 will continue to pose some challenges for private landlords, says Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and rent recovery firm.   Many commentators have suggested that life

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Interest rate rises and the effects on landlords

🕔09:25, 31.Mar 2010

It’s not uncommon for property landlords to opt for buy to let interest only mortgages to maximize their tax position and given rental income tends to be a regular amount, buy to let fixed rate mortgages are also popular. Historically

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End of 'fat-cat' letting agents?

🕔11:20, 29.Mar 2010

  According to the firm, the recent Foxtons case highlighted the unwarranted charges that some agents have been making. Last month, the Office of Fair Trading secured a High Court order against the London-based agent, following complaints from landlords about

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Rents rose 0.7% to £820pcm this month according to

🕔11:20, 29.Mar 2010

Buy-to-let landlords who have stayed the course over the past two years of turbulence are now being rewarded with rising rents and a dramatic reduction in stock levels, according to the March Rental Index. Rents rose 0.7% to £820pcm

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New tenancy deposit rules come into effect in October 2010

🕔10:47, 26.Mar 2010

  Currently Assured Shorthold Tenancies worth over £25,000 are regarded as ‘contractual tenancies’ whereby property landlords do not have to legally protect the deposit. However, once this scheme is launched it is believed over 15,000 new tenancies will be brought

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2010 budget doesn't take private rented sector into account

🕔09:49, 26.Mar 2010

David Brown, commercial director of LSL Property Services, states: “Removal of stamp duty tax for first-time buyers is positive news for the housing market, but the unsung cornerstone – the private rental sector – has once again been overlooked.” He

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British Property Federation joins 'Cut the VAT' for landlords coalition

🕔12:47, 25.Mar 2010

The British Property Federation (BPF) has joined the Cut The VAT coalition to encourage the tax on home improvements and maintenance to be reduced to five per cent, aiding buy to let property insurance holders. In addition to helping landlords,

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A decent article from the NLA defending landlords

🕔13:46, 24.Mar 2010

As a landlord, I found your article frustrating (Buy-to-let tax break plan attacked as further blow to first-time buyers, 15 March). It’s lazy for campaigners to think the only reason that “thousands of first-time buyers will be priced out of

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97% of landlords voice protest over LHA payment

🕔09:38, 24.Mar 2010

  In a combination of survey and interviews, initiated by the Residential Landlords Association, an almost unanimous 97 per cent is asking the government to think again. They are wanting tenants who claim LHA – local housing allowance (formerly “housing

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Election must not be used as excuse to abandon private rented sector

🕔09:26, 23.Mar 2010

The Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) said that 58 per cent of its members have identified the government’s approach to expansion of the PRS as the key element which will affect the property sector in the next year. Arla

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Leaders: Landlords are looking to expand portfolios as activity increases

🕔14:46, 22.Mar 2010

Leaders’ managing director, Paul Weller, says: “Buy to let finance is still not easy to come by, but the situation has improved slightly in recent months, with more mortgage products and better deals coming onto the market. This, coupled with

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Buy to let landlords set for rental boost

🕔09:43, 19.Mar 2010

The supply of new properties coming on to the rental market has fallen for the second consecutive quarter possibly bringing an end to the downward trend in rents that has been in place since the autumn of 2008, says the

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Landlords are set to reap rewards suggests expert

🕔14:03, 17.Mar 2010

  Mark Garner, managing director at LettingZone, says: “For existing professional landlords, it has never been better because interest rates are at an all-time low so with the property you bought a while ago, the cash flow is looking really

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Landlord tax break plans causing friction in housing market

🕔10:02, 17.Mar 2010

The sharp rise in buy-to-let mortgages during the housing boom was blamed for inflating prices and creating a shortage of starter homes for people trying to get on to the property ladder. After the Council for Mortgage Lenders (CML) reported

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Rental yields reach 2 year high, rising 10.6%

🕔20:59, 16.Mar 2010

Annual buy-to-let yields rose by 10.6 per cent in February to reach a two-year high, research has indicated. In addition, the average rent rose by 0.3 per cent and has increased by 3.2 per cent in the past year, the

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Expats take control of their frozen UK pensions to release cash

🕔14:40, 12.Mar 2010

Many expats with frozen UK pensions have been very pleasantly surprised by the options available since the legislation regarding pensions recently changed. Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions [QROPS] are the schemes that have been approved by HMRC to allow the transfer

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Tenants have been encouraged to check their landlords charges

🕔09:21, 12.Mar 2010

This article was brought to you by Rentman the premium rent management software. Renters should check their leasehold bills from landlords to see if there are any service charges added on that they could question, it has been stated. According

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Landlord Questions: Dealing with a dodgy renter

🕔13:59, 7.Mar 2010

A few months ago we rented out a house through a letting agent. He found us a tenant and assured us that all the necessary checks had been done into her credit worthiness. But things didn’t work out: she didn’t

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Landlords should still be cautious despite rental increases

🕔21:30, 6.Mar 2010

Jml Property Insurance are Premier HomeLet agents advertising Homelet Landlord and Tenant insurance products on line for the past eight years. The Homelet Managing Director John Boyle who is a Landlord himself has just issued a News Release saying that

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