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Boss of leading landlord insurance firm positive about rent rises

🕔15:38, 2.Mar 2010

  The boss of the UKs leading specialist insurance provider to the lettings industry has welcomed the latest FindaProperty Rental Index revealing a rise in asking rents by 1.2% to £814 pcm. But he warned it may not be good

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Goverment plans for private rented sector branded 'unrealistic'

🕔20:57, 28.Feb 2010

“Government plans for the private-rented sector are completely unrealistic.” So says LetAssured UK managing director, David Plaister, who is concerned about “a huge housing gap in Britain which government expects private landlords to fill”. Recent proposals from Housing Minister, John

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Buy to let best returns table by postcode

🕔22:05, 27.Feb 2010

A report into the Top 100 towns for buy-to-let yields, compiled by property listing website for This is Money, shows that Blackpool is the postcode delivering the best returns in the UK.   The Holy Grail for property investors

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Rental yields up as demand hits lowest level in 2 years

🕔10:37, 26.Feb 2010

Long-term landlords and buy-to-let investors who have held onto their properties during the downturn will be relieved to see the fortunes of the rental market reversing, as “accidental landlords” return to the sales market. The resulting reduction in stocks is

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Landlords urged to read Estate Agent contracts

🕔14:52, 25.Feb 2010

Tom Entwistle, director at LandlordZONE, said that the onus is on the landlords to make sure that they are aware of what they are agreeing to. His comments come in response to a recent Office of Fair Trading (OFT) ruling

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Letting survey reveals missed opportunity

🕔11:48, 24.Feb 2010

  The survey, conducted in response to the current economic climate, was to assess the quality of enquiries received by the website based on the tenants disclosed employment status. A snapshot of the last 168 tenants that made contact through

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187% profit for uk buy to let landlords

🕔20:15, 22.Feb 2010

UK house prices were up 105 per cent in the 10 years to December 2009, while buy-to-let landlords could have made total returns of 187 per cent including rent, said the biggest mortgage lender. Halifax’s buy-to-let performance is based on

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Buy-to-let yields fall

🕔16:47, 19.Feb 2010

  Rents have fallen for the fourth consecutive month, falling 0.5% in January and are now 2% lower than in September 2009. In contrast house prices are 3.3% higher. Total returns for landlords in January, which combines rental income and

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Government launches initiative to monitor landlords

🕔20:32, 16.Feb 2010

The UK government has today launched a new initiative which will allow tenants to post feedback on their landlords on a new online forum. There will also be a new hotline offering advice to tenants as well as a National

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Buy to let grows for second consecutive quarter

🕔11:56, 16.Feb 2010

BUY-TO-LET lending grew for the second consecutive quarter during the final three months of 2009 as the market continued to show signs of improving, new figures show. A total of £2.4billion was advanced to investment landlords during the three months

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Expats, now is the time to take control of your frozen pensions

🕔14:44, 9.Feb 2010

  In April 2007 the rules and regulations with regard to transferring UK pensions abroad changed. This is a highly complex issue which needs expert advice to make sure you get all the options for your pension. SCF Wealth Management

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98% of agents predict a buoyant lettings market

🕔15:47, 8.Feb 2010

A majority (98%) of letting agents expect the lettings market to stay the same, grow or grow substantially in the next 12 months, according to the tenant referencing agency, HomeLet. Despite the continued lack of financing for buy-to-let mortgages, letting

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Landlord fined for failing to have boiler inspected

🕔16:11, 6.Feb 2010

Carbon monoxide flooded the kitchen of a property after a landlord failed to have a boiler service, it has been reported. According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), landlord Graham Barnes, 49, from Bicester Road in Kidlington was fined £8,000

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Tenant evictions decline by 11%

🕔15:43, 2.Feb 2010

Tenant evictions in England and Wales have fallen by 11%, according to The flat-share specialist claims that from 2004 until 2008, the number of tenant evictions rose by over 8%, peaking in the twelve months to the third quarter

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BPF: Landlords are the only way to fill housing gap

🕔11:40, 1.Feb 2010

Landlords and the private rental industry have been the “white knight” of the UK’s housing market in recent years, one sector commentator has suggested. A spokesperson for the National Approved Letting Scheme said with the cost of housing still rising, many Britons

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subletting a real danger to landlords, warns expert

🕔10:22, 1.Feb 2010

Over the past 12 months Landlord Action, a specialist in tenant eviction, has seen a 15 per cent increase in the number of overcrowding tenancy cases, partly due to the recession. London landlords are suffering the most with more cases

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Gordon Brown announces plan to restrict shared rental property

🕔13:27, 30.Jan 2010

A plan announced by Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s government to restrict the development of new shared rental properties in the UK may result in more hassle for residential landlords and fewer affordable accommodation options for tenants in major cities. John

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Student buy to let excels in rental market

🕔16:28, 29.Jan 2010

The UK’s student buy-to-let sector remains buoyant while average private sector rents across the UK may have fallen or remained stable over the past year. So says investment specialist, Assetz, whilst pointing out that there is a huge national shortage

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Legal & Law: PAT testing for landlords

🕔12:56, 29.Jan 2010

Each year over 30 people are killed due to faulty electrics in the UK. These deaths in most part are avoidable and landlords are been urged to carry out regular PAT test on all portable appliances in rented properties and accommodation to make

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Tenancy deposit schemes: Rate hikes and the low down

🕔09:49, 27.Jan 2010

Considering switching tenancy deposit scheme? The Tenancy Deposit Scheme’s recent rate hike has forced agents to review their options. Here, we bring you an exclusive Q&A on all you need to know about transferring tenancies to Mydeposits, one of the

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Increasing number of tenants establishes renting trend in UK

🕔20:07, 26.Jan 2010

This article was brought to you courtesy of Rentman, the premium rent management software.  It will be a good year for landlords and letting agents as more tenants are coming into the market. That is the opinion of James Davis, chief

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Claiming rent arrears from bad debting tenants: Law change helps landlords

🕔13:21, 22.Jan 2010

New changes by the DWP mean that landlords are now able to claim arrears the day after a tenant has missed two payments in a row. The Residential Landlords Association (RLA) has hailed the decision as a significant victory for UK

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Latest research shows 2009 was better than 2008 for landlords

🕔10:54, 21.Jan 2010

This means the average landlord would have made a return of £12,740 in 2009.   According to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services, this was a combination of capital gains of £4,831 on each property and £7,909 in

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Buy to let investors return at first time buyers expense

🕔17:43, 19.Jan 2010

Brokers said that a number of lenders have started to focus on attracting landlords with more favourable interest rates, after a long period of freezing them out. Despite the credit-fuelled boom and subsequent collapse of the buy-to-let market, which left

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Landlord murdered and butchered by tenants

🕔19:44, 13.Jan 2010

Kitchen salesman Jeffrey Howe, 49, was stabbed to death in his two-bedroom flat in Southgate before being hacked to pieces by an expert hand, the jury was told. Tenants Stephen Marshall and Sarah Bush then dumped some of the body

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UK landlords could face prosecution for not complying with The Regulatory Reform Order

🕔19:44, 12.Jan 2010

Three years after changes to fire safety law, London Fire Brigade is warning that many businesses still don’t have enough understanding of how the law affects their business or premises, and could be risking financial ruin or even prosecution. The

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Confidence returns amongst professional landlords

🕔14:30, 7.Jan 2010

The survey aims to give a snapshot of landlords’ views on the current state of the buy-to-let market along with their thoughts on the future of the sector, their intentions for their portfolios and how they are dealing with any

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UK landlords set to have a good year in the 2010 buy to let market

🕔13:50, 17.Dec 2009

2009 saw buy-to-let re-emerge as an attractive investment and 2010 is set to be a strong year for landlords, according to LSL Property Services By the end of the year, total annual returns had reached 4.1%, allowing for a rental

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UK buy to let market will struggle in 2010 says ARLA

🕔16:55, 11.Dec 2009

While 2009 was a difficult year for the entire property market, 2010 looks likely to present an even greater challenge for the private rented sector (PRS), according to the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). Yet there are also opportunities,

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UK landlords will benefit from stamp duty holiday ending

🕔16:43, 11.Dec 2009 believes the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s decision not to extend the stamp duty holiday due to end on 31st December, is good news for landlords. The property portal’s director, Phil Calderbank, believes the move will benefit the lettings market

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The UK landlords image has been improved by the recession

🕔15:02, 8.Dec 2009

  During the property boom period, the public perception of landlords was one driven by greed, with many UK landlords accused of setting high rent levels and refusing to undertake maintenance and necessary repair to their properties. The lack of choice

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Regulations governing buy to let will help say Assetz

🕔13:32, 30.Nov 2009

Proposals for the Financial Services Authority (FSA) to regulate buy-to-let lending have been welcomed by Assetz, which has declared the UK is entering a new phase for buy-to-let investment. According to the property specialist, many investors who entered the market

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UK landlords urged to ensure electrical equipment is safe

🕔13:27, 30.Nov 2009

Each year over 30 people are killed due to faulty electrics in the UK, and according to government figures almost 20% of all fires in UK homes are also caused by electrical faults. In 2008 alone this resulted in an

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A call to UK landlords has been made to allow pets

🕔12:14, 25.Nov 2009

The devastating floods in Cumbria have indirectly highlighted one of the problems that is putting strain on UK rescue centres; the strict ‘no pet’ policies held by some landlords of rentable properties. Today (23.11.09), BBC Five Live discussed one of

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Buy to let is enticing professionals back into the market

🕔12:03, 25.Nov 2009

Investors are snapping up newly built flats in northern cities at substantial discounts, clearing out the unsold stock of several leading housebuilders. Many such buyers are accountants, doctors and solicitors who are becoming landlords for the first time, weary of

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UK landlords will be governed by new laws in April 2010

🕔16:44, 16.Nov 2009

New laws aimed at providing better services for council tenants will be launched in April 2010, the Government has announced. Under the new regulation, landlords will have to carry out routine maintenance work within pre-agreed times, do more to tackle antisocial

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Stamp duty holiday ends on 31st Dec.

🕔16:29, 16.Nov 2009

First-time home buyers have just weeks to complete their deals before the government’s temporary stamp duty exemption expires. Househunters seeking properties worth between £125,000 and £175,000, who are midway through the buying process or in the early stages, should urgently chivvy along

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Average rents ‘surprisingly resilient'

🕔15:50, 12.Nov 2009

Flat and house-share website claims that the “lodger effect” and a reduction in the number of accidental landlords, have bolstered the rental sector, although its research also reveals large regional variations in the level of average rents and the

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Recession has created a more "conscious" landlord

🕔10:58, 6.Nov 2009

Landlords do not have a great public image. Their demise started in the Fifties with Peter Rachman — the infamous London property owner who allowed dwellings to fall into disrepair and was reportedly violent towards tenants. The result: “Rachmanism” —

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New LIVE FAQ service launched by The Landlord Association

🕔17:07, 3.Nov 2009

Times are tough in the UK property market. No more so than in the present climate. More landlords are having trouble with tenants than ever before and as laws change and new regulations come into effect, landlords are finding it

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Landlords are being "too optimistic"

🕔15:08, 3.Nov 2009

The buy to let sector punches above its weight in terms of press coverage — it always has done. But because there is a near-daily churn of press releases, news stories or statistics about the topic it can be difficult to

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🕔14:55, 3.Nov 2009

According to the ‘1808 Coalition’, of which the National Association of Estate Agents is a prominent part, Stamp Duty should be reformed because its ‘slab’ structure unfairly distorts the UK’s property market.  An overwhelming majority of the UK’s estate agents

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Landlords could face tough times ahead

🕔14:23, 3.Nov 2009

  Local Housing Allowance (LHA) was introduced for new tenancies in April 2008 and instead of rent being paid directly to private landlords to cover housing costs it went straight to the tenants who had the responsibility to pay the landlord. In practice

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Drop in number of ‘reluctant landlords'

🕔18:54, 31.Oct 2009

Research from the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA) indicates that 60% of its members recorded property being rented out to tenants rather than sold during Q3 2009, down from 80% in Q2 and 95% in Q1. The data suggest that fewer

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Buy to let is being tipped as a growth sector

🕔14:32, 30.Oct 2009

This view was recently endorsed by the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries which believes, with the regulatory pressure on lenders to improve capital positions, it is likely there will be an increase in lending and predicts gross lending to rise from

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Landlord fined for failing to protect tenant

🕔21:38, 29.Oct 2009

It follows the sentencing today (28 October) of landlord Helen Jayne Beckett, of Lodge Hill, Addingham, Ilkley, who was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £1,500 costs. Ms Beckett pleaded guilty to breaching Regulation 36(3) of the Gas Safety (Installations

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ARLA confirms private rented sector is continuing to grow

🕔14:31, 23.Oct 2009

Association of Residential Letting Agents (Arla) operations manager Ian Potter said that landlords can take out rental protection insurance that covers their income, while tenants struggling to meet payments also need support. His comments come after Arla research indicated that

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FSA reforms could spell the end of buy to let, warns expert

🕔14:20, 23.Oct 2009

 He believes the FSA reforms will severely dent recent hopes of recovery in the property market. In particular, its effect on the buy-to-let market – which is now under scrutiny – will result in a sharp drop in the number

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Another landlord found guilty of endangering lives of his tenants

🕔13:03, 17.Oct 2009

During the court session at Stratford Magistrates’ Court, the landlord, who lives in East Ham, did not deny the charges and admitted that he failed to comply with the current regulations of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s). The landlord, Mr.

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Cambridgeshire landlord jailed for 16 months for breaking gas safety laws

🕔12:56, 17.Oct 2009

YOUNG COUPLE AND BABY SLEPT IN UNSAFE RENTED ROOM Mr Istiaq Ahmed, of Green Leys, St Ives, Cambridgeshire, was due to be sentenced for health and safety offences earlier this year when he instructed his counsel to present a ‘Landlord

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Tenant evictions increase in wake of credit crunch

🕔12:38, 17.Oct 2009

Repossessions have been the target of the government initiatives, but it’s not only homeowners that are getting kicked out of their properties. More people are being evicted for rent arrears than having their homes repossessed, with a sharp jump over

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Rental property demand rising giving further evidence to buy to let stability

🕔14:51, 8.Oct 2009

There is a growing level of stability in Britain’s residential buy-to-let sector, thanks to the fact that demand for rental properties is once again on the rise, after nearly a year of stagnation and decline since the financial crisis broke

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PM, Wed 30th Sept – buy to let landlords cautious about expanding … – Landlord Expert

🕔13:04, 30.Sep 2009

  PM, Wed 30th Sept – buy to let landlords cautious about expanding …Landlord ExpertIt is not surprising that just 26 per cent of landlords from outside London plan to add to their property portfolios over the next 12 months,

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The Landlord Association voices concern over new opportunistic NLA scheme

🕔07:56, 17.Sep 2007

The Landlord Association commented that the database gives no more reassurance to tenants of a landlords credibility than usual. “This database is another scheme to help generate income for the NLA”, said Dean Evans, Director for The Landlord Association. “Essentially

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