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The cost of renting in the UK is nearly at a record high

🕔13:32, 4.Oct 2013

The lettings network LSL Property Services said rents had reached their second highest level since 2008 – largely because of a shortage of property to buy as Government schemes help people onto the ladder. LSL, which owns the Your Move

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The UK's top 10 areas for student by to let property investment

🕔13:18, 4.Oct 2013

The latest data from property website Zoopla takes average asking prices for four-bed properties within major student centres, and compares these with average student rents achieved. This gives a gross yield. Glasgow comes out top followed by Hull and Manchester.

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UK landlords of buy to let property are the latest targets of HM Revenue and Customs

🕔11:55, 4.Oct 2013

Another campaign has been launched by HM Revenue and Customs, this time targeting buy-to-let landlords.  Building on the success of previous campaigns, HMRC plans to recoup up to £500m in annual unpaid tax from the 1.5 million landlords it is

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Two-fifths of UK landlords felt optimistic about the prospects for their portfolio

🕔09:55, 11.Sep 2013

Two-fifths of landlords felt optimistic about the prospects for their portfolio, a Paragon study found. By contrast, only 30% felt optimistic in the first and second quarters of 2013. Meanwhile, average yields remained strong at 6.1%, Countrywide research revealed. Wales

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Is taking on housing benefit tenants good or bad for UK landlords?

🕔09:40, 11.Sep 2013

The £500 weekly benefit cap is causing some LHA landlords financial hardship as tenants are failing to give them the top up money, to pay the difference between the LHA allowance and the monthly rent. This is a particularly true

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Is the property market recovery good or bad news for buy to let investors?

🕔06:22, 11.Sep 2013

Kate Faulkner investigates whether the property market’s recovery is good or bad news for buy-to-let investors. Over the past few months talk of a recovery in the property market has boosted buyers’ confidence. This, coupled with the government’s Help to Buy Scheme

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Leeds, Nottingham and Southend-on-Sea are best for rental yields

🕔07:32, 13.Aug 2013

Leeds, Nottingham and Southend-on-Sea are returning higher rental yields than any other UK cities, according to buy-to-let mortgage specialist TBMC. Its index found that average buy-to-let mortgage rates had fallen by an average of 33bps in the last three months.

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Legal Help Newsletter, August 2013 #2

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Finding a buy to let mortgage to cater for long term renting demands proving difficult!

🕔12:52, 7.Aug 2013

Figures from the Council of Mortgage Lenders show that in the first quarter of 2013 buy-to-let lending accounted for 13.4% of total outstanding mortgage lending in the UK – up from 13% the previous quarter and 12.9% at the end

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Rental prices in the UK hit an all time high

🕔09:53, 7.Aug 2013

Tenants are paying an average of £811 monthly rent, according to the HomeLet Rental Index for June, representing a 3pc rise on the previous month and a 5.1pc increase on a year earlier. The figure represented a “the highest average

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Ex-pat landlords will be required to pay Tax on UK rental earnings

🕔09:03, 7.Aug 2013

Appropriate structuring may serve to reduce the overall rate of tax payable and advice should be taken in this regard (please ask us for our briefing sheets on property structuring). However, the general basis of taxation of rental income is

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HMRC increase focus on landlords and tax

🕔09:36, 17.Jul 2013

The taxman’s annual take from buy-to-let income is up by more than 10% on the back of more scrutiny of landlords by HM Revenue & Customs, which is expected to intensify. Issuing the alert, advisory UHY Hacker Young said buy-to-let

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'Landlords have unrealistic expectations of property returns' claims new report

🕔08:41, 15.Jul 2013

Returns from buy-to-let are in long-term decline, says Richard Dyson. Landlords have unrealistic expectations of property returns and are failing to consider the effects of a range of costs, a new report has shown. And the proportion of landlords viewing

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The buy to let market has been improving over past few years – here's why

🕔07:52, 24.Jun 2013

The buy-to-let market has been improving over the last few years. Summary: BTL mortgages has risen from 44,000 in 1999 to 122,000 in 2011 £3,100 million was lent to BTL investors in 1999 compared with £14,000 million in 2011 The

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Plans to force private landlords to check immigration status of tenants are to be watered down

🕔08:52, 10.Jun 2013

Plans to force millions of private landlords to vouch safe for the immigration status of their tenants are to be watered down, with the new rules only applying to certain problem areas in the country.  A new Bill to force

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It's boom time for buy-to-let, so here's your homework

🕔08:47, 10.Jun 2013

The buy-to-let sector is booming with landlords tempted by lower house prices, rising rents and improved mortgage deals. Homeowners can no longer rely on house prices rising steeply, but with rental yields on the up, taking advantage of high tenant

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UK landlords need more advice in light of increasing regulations.

🕔11:54, 31.May 2013

  The specialist buy-to-let lender Paragon reports that landlords across the country are hungry for help, with 78 per cent of those surveyed reporting a “significant requirement for advice on landlord matters”. For those owning 11 or more properties, that

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Buy to let mortgage lending rose by £500million over the year say the CML

🕔11:21, 31.May 2013

The Council of Mortgage Lenders said its members gave landlords 33,500 mortgages worth £4.2bn in the first three months of 2013, compared with lending of £3.7bn in the same period of 2012, an increase of £500m. The proportion of the mortgage market taken by

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Good rental yields and positive house price outlook bringing investors back to buy to let

🕔08:04, 14.May 2013

Renting has become a way of life for hundreds of thousands of young professionals. For many, it’s not a predicament they wish to be in. But it does mean that for those entering the buy-to-let market the chances of finding

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Landlords will be fined if their tenants are illegal immigrants!

🕔11:11, 9.May 2013

New plans will mean landlords are responsible for checking the immigration status of any potential tenants – to be certain they have the right to be in the UK. If the landlord fails to make the checks – or turns

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Seaside towns heads chart for highest rental yields for landlords

🕔07:27, 7.May 2013

    Port cities and seaside towns head up the table of the most lucrative places to buy property to rent out, according to latest research. Landlords with houses in Southampton, Blackpool and Kingston-upon-Hull are all achieving typical rental yields of almost

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11% increase in 'grandlords' to boost retirement income

🕔13:04, 6.May 2013

Pensioners are becoming landlords to boost their retirement income, with Saga reporting an 11pc increase in so called “grandlords” who rent out a property to pay for their retired lifestyle. Research commissioned by Simply Business showed that the number of

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The Landlord Associations top tips: Becoming a landlord

🕔10:27, 21.Apr 2013

Buy-to-let investments are enjoying a mini boom. Rents are rising because many young people can’t afford to buy. But should investors be piling in when house prices are falling and interest rates are set to rise? Here, Lauren Thompson explains

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When it comes to student accommodation, UK landlords need to raise their game

🕔12:18, 18.Apr 2013

With tuition fees nudging £9,000 a year and universities being forced to cut their intake to all but the highest performing AAB students, everything points to the fact that those who are still making it to university are doing so

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Rents are increasing quickest in one and two bed properties

🕔10:00, 18.Apr 2013

The agent has collated figures on yield, rent and arrears from 50,000 properties across England, Scotland and Wales, and based on the number of bedrooms.   Two-bedroom properties provide a 6.4 per cent yield on average, with three-beds giving a

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New regulations governing letting agents practices: How does this affect the UK Landlord?

🕔09:35, 18.Apr 2013

After years of calls for regulation of the lettings industry the Government is set to bow to pressure to implement rules, via an amendment to the enterprise bill, that will compel agents to repay tenants and landlords they have cheated.  While

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First quarter of 2013 witnesses new high in remortgaging activity

🕔10:12, 14.Apr 2013

The first three months of 2013 has witnessed a new high in remortgaging activity, with more landlords trying to raise enough capital to expand their portfolios, according to research released this morning by specialist buy to let broker Mortgages for

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Buy to let shows, courses and seminars: Are they worth the time and money?

🕔07:56, 10.Apr 2013

The footballer Robbie Fowler, who owns at least 80 rental properties worth an estimated £28 million, has just launched his buy-to-let academy offering free workshops for landlords. He promises to teach property skills “to change your life and secure your

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UK tenants in 'severe arrears' as evictions reach record number

🕔07:04, 8.Apr 2013

Buy-to-let landlords are being warned of a rise in the number of UK tenants in “severe arrears”. The Tenant Arrears Tracker, published by LSL Property Services, shows the number of renters more than two months behind on payments rose by

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Landlords: New tax year ignites warnings from HMRC

🕔06:59, 8.Apr 2013

With a new tax year commencing, and repeat warnings that HMRC are cracking down on tax evasion amongst residential landlords, the Landlord Syndicate is offering advice to landlords on how to make their tax less taxing in the year ahead.

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Landlords: How to make the most profit from your current tenancies

🕔19:25, 2.Apr 2013

What is more valuable to you as a landlord: raising the rent yearly in line with inflation, however often you have to remarket the property? Or keeping hold of a good tenant and saving yourself the time and effort of

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The Landlord Association: Follow two simple steps when letting a property

🕔08:08, 28.Mar 2013

If your tenant slips on a poorly tiled floor and injures themselves, you, the landlord, need to make sure you are covered in case they decide to make a claim against you. Standard household insurance won’t suffice. The moment you

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Are letting agents worth the money?

🕔10:29, 25.Mar 2013

Buy-to-let investors have traditionally had two choices when it comes to finding tenants and managing properties – pay a letting agent a sizeable fee or do it themselves. Lettings agents will typically offer a “let-only” service, where they will find,

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Government efforts has given buy to let investors "arbitrage of immediate return"

🕔17:26, 24.Mar 2013

Rightmove says government efforts to bolster lending had created an “arbitrage of immediate return”. Britain’s biggest property listings website today said investors were piling into buy-to-let for “blindingly good returns” after the government’s efforts to bolster lending had created an

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Property Investment is a free for all Buffett

🕔13:07, 20.Mar 2013

We are hard-wired to run from danger, which made sense when our principal concern was not getting eaten but is less helpful today when trying to make money in the markets. The first reminder came in Warren Buffett’s annual letter

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Top 5 tips for buy to let investors

🕔08:54, 16.Mar 2013

Robbie Fowler, the former Liverpool and England footballer, set up a “property academy” for would-be investors after becoming one of the biggest private landlords in the North West. He is estimated to be worth £28m. But you don’t necessarily need

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Anyone can be part of the latest buy to let boom, from single mothers to accountants…

🕔09:12, 13.Mar 2013

Capital to spare? Then you have almost certainly considered buying to let. It is as popular today as it was in the heady years leading up to the credit crunch. But if it was controversial then, it is even more

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Landlord possession claims continue to rise

🕔19:23, 10.Mar 2013

The government’s latest Court statistics show that there were 103,329 landlord claims in 2012 that led to an order for possession being made and it is estimated that between 67 and 80% of claims led to a possession order. The

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Buy to let school set up by Robbie Fowler

🕔12:49, 10.Mar 2013

Robbie Fowler, the former Premier League footballer, has launched a “property academy” to teach the secrets of buy-to-let investing. The former Liverpool star, who is said to be worth £28m, built a portfolio of properties across the North West during

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Banks and Building Societies seem to favour landlords

🕔10:49, 5.Mar 2013

This month, a reader in Yorkshire submitted the following question to our Personal Effects column: “I wish to avoid my investments being used to support the buy-to-let racket. Is there a building society that only loans for owner occupation rather

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Energy Efficiency: 'One in 10 buy-to-let homes will be unlettable in five years'

🕔09:07, 27.Feb 2013

One in 10 buy-to-let homes will be unlettable in five years’ time unless landlords take steps to improve their properties’ energy efficiency. New laws that take effect in 2018 will make it an offence to let out properties with the

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Buy-to-let lending grew by a fifth year-on-year reaching highest level since 2008

🕔13:27, 18.Feb 2013

Buy-to-let lending grew by a fifth year-on-year across 2012 to reach its highest level since 2008, lenders have said. The appetite for buy-to-let lending has been boosted by strong demand from tenants who have been unable to get on the

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How to: Making your buy to let investment more profitable

🕔13:21, 18.Feb 2013

Letting agents’ fees can be irksome, sudden repairs inconvenient and void periods stressful. But the biggest cost a landlord faces – one that makes or breaks a buy-to-let investment – is the mortgage. And it’s not something to be forgotten

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Number of landords on increase – threatening rent rises

🕔19:55, 5.Feb 2013

The property supply shortage in the rental sector could ease this year as more private landlords plan to invest in the buy-to-let sector, according to the latest figures from Rightmove. They argue that a rise in the number of landlords

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Landlords taking advantage of Funding for Lending scheme

🕔13:55, 31.Jan 2013

Landlords are looking to take advantage of slightly looser bank lending to add to their property portfolios according to a raft of research from the rental market. The Bank of England’s £80bn Funding for Lending scheme, designed to boost lending

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UK tenants want to meet the landlord when viewing a rental property

🕔10:17, 30.Jan 2013

  In the market at the moment it is typical for a letting agent to show prospective tenants around a property, however, the survey shows that tenants would much prefer to meet and talk to their potential landlord. The survey

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Ed Miliband says he will weed out unfit landlords ripping off their tenants.

🕔14:34, 23.Jan 2013

  The Labour leader warned that action is needed to prevent damaging social divisions between homeowners and those who rent. In a speech to the Fabian Society on Saturday, Miliband proposed a national register of landlords and more powers for

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The first half of 2013 will see the buy to let market thrive and grow

🕔14:31, 23.Jan 2013

  Of these the research shows that two-thirds will need to refinance. However three quarters of landlords say mortgage lenders aren’t doing enough to support property investors. The research, which polled 218 investors, suggests landlord appetite for more purchases stems

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New Bank of England lending scheme gets UK landlords active again

🕔14:25, 23.Jan 2013

The Bank of England’s £80bn Funding for Lending scheme, designed to boost lending in the wider economy, is seemingly encouraging established buy-to-let landlords to add to their portfolios. According to the Association of Residential Letting Agents the number of buy-to-lets

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How to deal with emergencies as a landlord

🕔13:41, 23.Jan 2013

How to deal with emergencies as a landlord Renting out a property is a great way to have a regular income. Whether you’re looking for some extra cash each month to supplement your wages or looking at renting as your

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Why buy to let continues to deliver

🕔08:56, 15.Jan 2013

New Year is about new challenges: gym memberships, diets and vows to stop smoking. The property market is full of challenges, too; prices around the country are set to remain flat or worse, with tentative improvements in the economy yet

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The ridiculous list of rules set by one landlord goes viral

🕔12:06, 14.Jan 2013

A tweet has gone viral after a young actress tweeted a list of ridiculous demands her potential landlord expected tenants to abide by. After he handed her the list of a massive 31 tight rules, she tweeted: LAURA EVELYN ‏lauraevelyn1 Need

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Message to private landlords: give universal credit a chance

🕔10:23, 10.Jan 2013

Few systems have caused as much controversy before even being launched as the government’s universal credit. It draws together all welfare claims into a single monthly payment, like a salary, so will undoubtedly change the financial landscape for landlords and

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The Landlord Association's number 1 website records 100,000 visitors in December

🕔08:35, 10.Jan 2013, the UK’s biggest landlord website has reached a milestone in the number of visitors it received during December 2012. The website, now a loyal base of help and advice for more than 38,000 members, has recorded its biggest ever

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UK Buy-to-let Landlords expect rents to rise in 2013

🕔10:20, 17.Dec 2012

Results from an LSL Property Services study show that just over a third of landlord insurance holders expect to increase rents in 2013. In a poll of 1,223 landlords, 39 per cent expect to raise rents by an average of

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39% of landlords expect rents to rise

🕔08:53, 12.Dec 2012

While just 1% of property investors anticipate they will reduce rents next year, 39% of the 1,223 landlords polled by LSL Property Services expect to increase rents in the coming 12 months with 10% anticipating rises greater than 5%. Those

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Buy to let borrowing is currently the highest it's been in four years

🕔11:36, 10.Dec 2012

  Some £4.2 billion worth of buy-to-let mortgages were taken out in the third quarter of this year, representing the highest amount seen since autumn 2008, the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) said. Lending to this sector has been almost

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Can we become a buy to let landlord as first time buyers?

🕔11:17, 10.Dec 2012

Question: My boyfriend and I would like to buy a flat together, but don’t want to live anywhere that we can actually afford. Are you allowed to buy a flat you don’t intend to live in, and is this a

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Lettings industry has 'a total lack of effective regulation'

🕔08:41, 3.Dec 2012

A clampdown on the lettings sector is needed to stop rogue agents turning it into “the property industry’s Wild West”, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) warned today. RICS said its research highlights the risks of unscrupulous lettings agents

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Landlord & Letting Awards integrity questioned

🕔11:24, 30.Nov 2012

By Richard M Harber – Partnership Director for The Landlord Association. Each year, the Landlord & Letting Awards takes place in a semi-glitzy venue pouring accolade onto the various companies lucky enough to be nominated in their respective categories. But

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House prices falling slowly

🕔09:07, 29.Nov 2012

Its latest monthly survey says average prices have been unchanged this past month at just under £164,000, and are 1.2% lower than in November last year. The annual rate of inflation has now fallen for nine months in a row,

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What can be done to encourage landlords to help tackle the housing crisis?

🕔09:47, 27.Nov 2012

Councils need to up their game: They need to offer a more professional service that competes with the high street so landlords aren’t just expected to come to councils if they have a social conscience. The key sell is the

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ARLA: Demand is still outweighing supply significantly

🕔07:30, 26.Nov 2012

ARLA, the Association of Residential Letting Agents has reported that demand for quality properties to rent is still firmly outstripping supply – which is good news for landlords and buy-to-let investors. The bi-annual survey of ARLA members shows that more

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Landlords reject government plans for housing benefit reform

🕔10:05, 19.Nov 2012

Landlords in the private rented sector have roundly rejected the Government’s welfare reform plans for housing benefit, and point to a lack of housing in the sector to cope with the Government’s changes. Releasing details of a survey of over

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20% rise in number of buy to let mortgages is evidence of further growth

🕔07:49, 19.Nov 2012

Buy-to-let is back, as cheap mortgages and strong tenant demand encourage more people to invest in property again. The number of new buy-to-let mortgages rose 20 per cent in the first nine months of 2012, compared with the same period

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Rental yields up 0.4% in October

🕔10:46, 16.Nov 2012

Tenants saw their rents undergo the slowest monthly increase for five months in October, according to the latest buy-to-let index from LSL Property Services. Average rents rose by 0.4 per cent in October, representing the slowest rate of increase since

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Home ownership falls to lowest level in 25 years

🕔08:48, 16.Nov 2012

Homeownership is “in crisis” in the UK, with owner-occupation falling to its lowest level since 1988, according to a report published by lobby group the HomeOwners Alliance. The HOA says the owner-occupation rate peaked at 69.7% in the UK in

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What do the new squatting laws mean for landlords?

🕔07:10, 15.Nov 2012

The government’s decision to introduce new legislation to criminalise squatting in residential buildings throughout England and Wales has been met with much interest. Opponents on one side argue that there isn’t enough hard evidence to justify the need for the

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Buy to let mortgage arrears reach record low

🕔11:27, 14.Nov 2012

Out of 42,000 live mortgage accounts 572 (1.36%) were in arrears of three months while those accounts one month in arrears dropped below 900 to 896 (2.13%) for the first time since mid-October 2008. Over the month this meant a

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Demand for rentals are up – and so are yields for landlords

🕔11:28, 12.Nov 2012

A string of new surveys show increasing numbers of investors returning to buy-to-let as restrictions on mortgages continue to force would-be first-time buyers into the private rented sector. Data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders reveals that in the first

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1-in-8 mortgages now a buy to let deal – reaching record high

🕔10:43, 9.Nov 2012

Britain is issuing the largest number of ‘landlord loans’ since records began, official figures have revealed. One in eight mortgages now a buy-to-let loan deal – an all-time high, the report said. Of the 11.3million mortgages in this country, 1.44million

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Cannabis farm discovered by landlord

🕔10:18, 8.Nov 2012

Officers found an address in Baydale Road, Darlington, had been used for growing the drug, in May, which led to the capture of two of its alleged ringleaders Lam Hai Vo, 58, and Anh Ta Nguyen, 21. Teesside Crown Court

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New mortgage range launched for smaller-scale landlords

🕔07:23, 6.Nov 2012

Paragon has launched a raft of new buy-to-let mortgages for professional and smaller-scale landlords. The loans include fixed and tracker rates offered under both the Paragon Mortgages and Mortgage Trust brands. Eighteen are targeted at professional landlords (12 trackers and

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UK House prices rise fastest for 2 years reaching record high

🕔09:16, 29.Oct 2012

The 1.1 per cent rise in September for England and Wales was the biggest year-on-year rise since November 2010. It took typical prices to £162,561. The annual increases were concentrated around the South –  with the South West, the South

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Unlawful landlords give the decent majority a bad name

🕔07:32, 25.Oct 2012

Speaking at a conference held by the National Approved Letting Scheme, Alan Ward from the Residential Landlords Association said he does not think the term ‘rogue’ should be used by the media, as it suggests mischief rather than something that

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Rent arrears at highest level in 4 years

🕔07:50, 23.Oct 2012

Landlord possession claims in England and Wales are rising as rent arrears increase to their highest level in four years, it is claimed. In the second quarter of 2012, there were 25,422 landlord possession claims that led to an order

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Good advice for DIY landlords

🕔06:46, 19.Oct 2012

Dismal returns on bank deposits and annuity rates near historic lows are encouraging more retirees to consider becoming buy-to-let landlords. But collecting rent is not as easy as waiting for interest payments, and falling house prices in most areas outside

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Buy to let investors advised: Grab the bull-market by the horns

🕔10:01, 17.Oct 2012

Rising unemployment, government spending cuts, falling house prices, mortgage meltdown, doom, gloom… will the last person to leave the UK please turn out the lights? We’ve been saturated with bad economic news from morning to night since 2007, and for

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Rental yields continue to go up as property prices fall

🕔10:06, 15.Oct 2012

Gross yields on complex buy to let property in the third quarter of 2012 rose on all property types apart from semi-commercial, according to the Mortgages for Business Complex Buy to Let Index. The driving factors behind the increase were

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Private rented sector to grow further as more landlords invest

🕔08:34, 12.Oct 2012

With high prices, unrealistic deposit requirements and mortgage constraints making homeownership unattainable, the expansion of the private rented sector (PRS) looks likely to accelerate with UK landlords looking to benefit from increasing rental demand. James Davis, CEO of online lettings

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Buy to let landlords warned: Get-rich-quick property schemes in UK & US are risky

🕔07:28, 10.Oct 2012

Britons sick of plummeting pensions and rock-bottom savings rates are being targeted at presentations that promise to reveal the secrets of the property market. They are convinced to sign up, and pump thousands of pounds into properties they’ve never seen,

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Rental arithmetic

🕔07:10, 10.Oct 2012

Since 1925, successive law reforms and government policies have encouraged home ownership as tenure of choice. Moving through the post-war rebuilding period, many people moved from the private to social rental sector. Government policies in 1960s, 1970s and 1980s encouraged

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Shelter: Landlord complaints up by a quarter

🕔12:17, 6.Oct 2012

Freedom of information responses from 310 local authorities showed complaints rose by 27% between 2008/9 and 2011/12 – from 67,283 to 85,639. Shelter said 62% of complaints in the last year related to “serious and life-threatening hazards”, such as dangerous

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Overseas landlords entering the UK are making it harder for first time buyers

🕔15:24, 27.Sep 2012

An influx of foreign investors is driving a resurgence in Britain’s buy-to-let market, holding house prices steady but threatening to push up rents and crowd out first-time buyers. Growth in buy-to-let demand had helped “to put a floor under prices”,

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Strong month for landlords as record rents rise while arrears fall

🕔00:00, 21.Sep 2012

Landlords saw rents rise for a fifth consecutive month as tenant arrears fell for the first time in three months, according to the latest Buy-to-Let Index from LSL Property Services plc, which owns the UK’s largest lettings agent network, including

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Falling mortgage costs and soaring rents have left homeowners better off than those renting

🕔09:24, 19.Sep 2012

  The gap widens The gap between buying and renting has widened – in 2011 the cost of buying was £78, or 11%, lower than renting. This is due to the cost of buying falling and continued rent rises. In the past

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UK landlords must start to consider security for long term tenants

🕔09:09, 19.Sep 2012

“There is a lot of pressure on Brits to own their own homes, even though in the current market there are numerous barriers to entry, especially for the younger generation,” says Matt Hutchinson, a director of flat and house share

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The 'stock market' is out and 'buy to let' is in for young investors

🕔08:58, 19.Sep 2012

  After watching their parents and grandparents lose money in pension funds as a result of stock market crashes, many young savers are choosing to keep their money in cash, or invest it in property instead.   Although pension investment

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Landlords move to cover rising demand in property rental market

🕔19:52, 9.Sep 2012

Britons have long held on to the belief that owning your home is the ultimate goal. But after a decade of house prices rising three times as fast as incomes, followed by a decline in the number of mortgages available

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The 2nd quarter of this year saw buy to let lending grow by 5%

🕔19:58, 5.Sep 2012

  According to the data, lenders advanced 33,200 loans worth £3.9bn on the previous period. Year-on-year, the volume of loans in the buy-to-let market was up 14 per cent and value rose by 18 per cent. Paul Smee, director general of

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Buy to let landlords are the big winners as rents increase by 4.3%

🕔19:52, 5.Sep 2012

  Rents are likely to be driven further upwards by a “scarcity” of mortgage finance and a shortage of good quality properties, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said. Chartered surveyors predict rents will rise by 3.9% on average

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Half of UK landlords think now is a good time to invest in more buy to let properties

🕔19:49, 5.Sep 2012

  The findings showed that half of landlords think it is a good time to invest, while less than one per cent think they should be reducing portfolio size. Of those landlords who are bullish about the market, 82 cite

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Landlords believe now is perfect for buying more property

🕔09:01, 2.Sep 2012

Current house prices and demand for rental properties – why investors think that the time is now. In summary: 48% of investors believe that now is a good time to buy 53% talked about strong tenant demand 82% want to

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First time buyers are competing with landlords

🕔08:55, 2.Sep 2012

The Bank of England stated: “Foreign investors [have] branched out of commercial property in the capital and begun also to invest in the London residential lettings market.” While growth in buy-to-let demand had helped “to put a floor under prices”,

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The rental market – predictions and forecasts

🕔07:53, 31.Aug 2012

It has recently been reported that buy-to-let investors are set to make a rather handsome return on their investments during the course of the next 13 years. This has come as a result of increasing rental prices and the fact

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Buy-to-let lending increased by 5% in the second quarter of 2012

🕔12:20, 28.Aug 2012

The volume of loans are up 14% (from 29,100) and the amount advanced up 18% (from £3.3 billion).Growth in buy-to-let lending was evenly split between loans for house purchase and remortgaging, with both showing a 3% increase by volume over

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Landlords of UK buy to let property are increasingly getting repossessed

🕔12:14, 28.Aug 2012

  There were 18,100 repossessions in the first half of 2012, of which 19 per cent were buy-to-let, up from under 10 per cent in early 2009. By contrast the number of owner-occupied homes being repossessed has been in decline since

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UK buy to let landlords experiencing high returns on student accomodation

🕔12:06, 28.Aug 2012

  A typical studio flat in Exeter is worth £85,000 — up from its £65,000 purchase price — and it would receive £515 monthly rent from a student. That is £6,180 annually before tax and lettings’ agency fees, or the

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Property investment is bucking the economic trend

🕔16:03, 19.Aug 2012

  There are now more than 1.4 million buy-to-let loans according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) with director general Paul Smee saying: “The rental sector has grown strongly over the last decade or so, and buy-to-let continues to

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31% rise in buy to let mortgage valuations

🕔12:31, 13.Aug 2012

The report also found:-    The overall mortgage market slowed in July.-    While the total number of residential valuations conducted during July rose by 8 per cent compared to a year ago, valuations fell 13 per cent compared to June.-    Buy-to-let

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