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Deposit dispute help

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Samantha Black asked 1 year ago

Our tenants vacated the property over 3 months ago now. Their deposit was held with my deposits and they had 3 months to raise a dispute as we could not come to an agreement as to how the deposit would be split.
The 3 months they had has now ended yet they are still saying they want to raise a dispute and our letting agent for the last 2 weeks have been telling us they can do so. After many back and forth discussions on the contract stating that it must be raised WITHIN 3 months they have now said they will be raising one on our behalf. 
I have spoken to my deposits and they have ensured that no party can now raise a dispute through themselves, the deposit would now be in the lettings agent account and it is down to the letting agents discression as to what they do with it.
I have now informed the lettings agent of this and now they still seem to have no idea of what is actually going on and have said the tenants can raise a dispute within 6 years of vacating the property.
My question is will I myself need to take legal action against both the estate agent and tenant for the deposit and breach of contract. Or is this down to the tenant?  As it seems the estate agent has and is still allowing this to go on even though the contract the tenants signed clearly states any disputes must be raised WITHIN 3 months. 
Is the confusion that the tenants still are saying they want to raise a dispute? Dispite the fact they didn't and now can't outside of a civil court.
If anyone has been in the same situation or knows more on what to do I would greatly appreciate any input as I feel my letting agents have let me down and are of now help.
Thank you.

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