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Lettings agent lost inventory photos.

Questions & AnswersCategory: Letting AgentsLettings agent lost inventory photos.
Kim Oswald-Smith asked 5 months ago

I am currently evicting my tennant for large amounts of arrears and refusing inspections.  My Lettings agency has been taken over as a going concern a few months ago.  I have requested copies of the inventory photographs and the new agents have told me that they can’t find them and that the original agent is not replying to their calls.  I have the original invoice for an inventory plus photos that I paid.  I have left my own voicemails and emails for the original agent who has now moved onto ‘Property Development’ and owns HMO’s and he will not reply.  I require the photos as I know she has damaged the property badly and I need the bond that the Council provided for her originally to pay for repairs.  The bond will not cover the damages completely so I was thinking of taking tennant to a small claims court so I really need the photos.

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