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Lorraine Johns asked 6 months ago

Prior to Rentsmart Wales becoming operational I began letting my home. I wanted to move but my son did not. So initially, when I moved, he stayed in the family home and moved his friends into the bedrooms and it was an informal agreement. The rental property is morgage free and the rent paid my rent in my current residence. However, during the last 3 years legislation has changed and so have the residents. I have also been looked after and lost 2 parents and my father in law has had a stroke and come to live with us which involved a house move to accomodate his disability. Needless to say, I have taken my eye off the ball. The house potentially has 6 bedrooms but I try not to rent the smallest one due to parking and access to washing facilities. On initial decision to rent, the fire service checked the property and they advised that on safety grounds it did not classify as an HMO as it is a single storey dwelling, individual rooms did not have locks and all residents could get out through their windows in the event of fire. Their advice was to install fire alarms, which I did. At the time, I was not aware I should notify the local authority. Having recently undertaken Rentsmart training, I am aware of my responsibilities. My son still lives there but I would like to put the house up for sale. I suspect that one client who did not tell me that he was claiming dhss when he moved in is very aware of his tenancy rights and may prove difficult to manage. Currently the configuration is One ensuite bedroom [is a long term let] shared kitchen and communal area. Three bedrooms with access to bathroom, kitchen and communal area. One \\\'spare\\\' bedroom, which due to demand from clients for a cheap bedroom is filled approx 30% of the time. [I find this difficult to manage as it means that I can lose the rental on a more expensive room] And the room occupied rent free by my son who accesses the bathroom, kitchen and communal area.  There is also a separate shared toilet and sink.  I have a tenant in the cheapest room who has exceeded the 2 month rent arrears and has not responded to 2 letters regarding his rent.  Only 2 people living in the house have signed contracts, despite them being provided to everyone. I note that an absence of contract allows me to ask people to leave without any legal implications. Is this true?  

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  • Amanda Harrison { Advise needed }
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